RandomStorm Updates StormProbe Intrusion Detection Appliance

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Softcat makes the first sale and sets the pace for RandomStorm’s channel

The latest release of RandomStorm;s PCI-compliant StormProbe network intrusion detection system (IDS) has been made available to its channel partners today.

Already, Softcat has become the first Premium partner to make a move, having pre-sold both the the new StormProbe network IDS and StormAgent log management system to one of its enterprise customers, the company told ChannelBiz.

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RandomStorm said that it works with various VARs and its five Premium partners to distribute its StormCore platform. As part of this architecture, StormProbe uses a library of malware signature to detect threats as they hit the network. The library has over 30,000 entries and is growing as new attacks are identified and analysed.

On the release of the latest version of the StormProbe appliance, channel manager Ross Goodburn confirmed: “There is no learning curve for customers and the new product helps them to save time and allocate skilled resource more effectively.”

StormProbe analyses network traffic to identify malicious activity. After detecting a threat, the in-built Instances, Events and Alerts (IEA) algorithm kicks in to record all linked alerts as unique, time-based events, and associates them with the specifically targeted host in the network by logging events under the same “matched rule” Instance to create a complete picture of the threat in terms of the level of severity. Effectively, StormProbe provides IT managers with a graphical view of the real-time threat status of the network.

The StormProbe appliance can target up to 100 specified hosts across the network, integrating seamlessly with the StormCore management user interface. This provides system administrators with timely alerts and security intelligence when anomalies, policy violations and security threats are detected , reducing response times and enabling more-focused use of IT resources, the company claimed.

Commenting on the launch, Andrew Mason, co-founder and technical director of RandomStorm, said, “The latest security guidelines, such as PCI DSS 3.0, recognise that there are far too many security threats and log events for humans to monitor and that organisations need to focus their efforts on rapidly detecting and responding to network activity that indicates a security breach. Using automated systems that are constantly updated with information on new threats, organisations can filter out the noise and stay alert to attacks on their most important assets.”

About StormProbe, Goodburn added, “The benefit of this next generation network IDS is that it integrates seamlessly with RandomStorm enterprise log management system  [StormAgent], and other scanning products, and plugs into the same graphical user interface. This makes it much easier for IT security managers to look at their log management, intrusion alerts and vulnerabilities on a single dashboard. StormProbe provides channel partners with an addition to their portfolio that easily integrates with existing products that their customers are using.”

Built for SME and enterprise networks, StormProbe can support Linux, Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows and IBM  iSeries (AS/400) platforms.

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