FireHost partners with Dell to offer managed cloud services

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FireHost security is being incorporated with Dell Cloud Services to better serve the retail and financial industries


Cloud provider FireHost is teaming up with Dell Services to deliver secure, fully managed private cloud services.

dellroundrockBy incorporating FireHost into the Dell Cloud Services ecosystem, the companies say they will extend and complement their secure, managed private cloud capabilities to better serve payments-oriented retail and financial industries.

The single-tenant and multi-tenant solutions are managed on or off a customer’s premises. Jim Lewandowski, CEO at FireHost, said: “As increasing numbers of cloud providers and vendors jockey to differentiate themselves, it is clear that we must provide cloud solutions that are truly secure across a variety of compliance-driven industries.”

He said: “Together with Dell, we will provide a secure managed private cloud service that effectively addresses a critical industry gap for customers. FireHost’s proven secure cloud reduces risk for businesses by providing security without any compromise. Customers get top-notch security and lower compliance costs.”

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