Inmarsat inks IEC Telecom distribution deal

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IEC wants to double its reseller channel by mid-2016 by focusing on Inmarsat’s portfolio of networks and services that can be used by verticals

Mobile satellite communications services provider Inmarsat has appointed IEC Telecom Group as a global distribution partner for its L-band portfolio, including the BGAN, IsatHub and IsatPhone services.

InmarsatIEC Telecom Group is a fixed and mobile satellite distribution provider with a presence in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), sub-Saharan Africa and Central and South East Asia.

Greg Ewert, president of Inmarsat Enterprise, said: “We are delighted to welcome IEC as an Inmarsat Distribution Partner. In addition to their reach into critical regions, IEC Telecom offers a high level of technical expertise with a solid focus on developing solutions for the services portfolio over Inmarsat’s L- and Ka-band networks.

Erwan Emilian, IEC Telecom Group’s CEO, said: “Our intention is to double our reseller channel by mid-2016 thanks to our very specific delivery and our focus on Inmarsat’s services. Our focus is on offering applications for tracking and M2M, video and audio broadcast, WAN optimisation, video surveillance, e-health, security, biometrics and data scans.”

He said: “The interconnect with Inmarsat allows all our tier 1 resellers, as well as our global accounts, to be directly linked to Inmarsat’s global network and, as such, we will be able to improve our global service level agreements and the quality of service.”

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