System C to resell Yellowfin BI in health sector

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The partnership will see System C make Yellowfin’s ‘easy-to-use’ BI solution, and associated training and implementation services, available to existing and future UK healthcare clients

System C, the UK health and social care software supplier, has signed a reseller agreement with global business intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor Yellowfin.

The partnership will see System C make Yellowfin’s “easy-to-use” BI solution, and associated training and implementation services, available to its existing and future healthcare clients throughout the UK.

System C business intelligence product manager, Darryl Davies, said that System C decided to incorporate Yellowfin’s BI platform into its Medway product range because it “empowered” clients to “quickly and securely” track up-to-the-minute clinical and patient data.

doctorIn addition to the Medway electronic patient record and associated products, the company sells CarePlus Child Health and the Liquidlogic range of social care software.

System C provides its customers with the clinical and patient administration systems that allow them to deliver safe, efficient and high quality healthcare services,” said Davies. “Through our partnership with Yellowfin, we are able to offer System C clients a single, powerful and flexible data presentation tool. Yellowfin will allow customers to monitor and understand their performance – in real-time, or near real-time – to support better operational and strategic decision-making as well as patient care.”

Davies added: “The advantage of Yellowfin is that it’s really easy for non-technical business users to use independently – like clinicians, chief executives and finance directors. But it also allows you to really drill down into the underlying data.”

Useful features, he said, include the ability to take snapshots of live data and then use the built-in collaborative BI capabilities to ask colleagues for comments and explanation. Additionally, Yellowfin has a wide selection of easy-to-use data visualisation components, including infographics, geospatial mapping and storyboard software for presenting and sharing live BI content. And Yellowfin’s mobile BI capabilities also enable dashboards and reports to be used on any device or platform, in meetings or clinical areas, “which opens up new potential benefits for healthcare BI”, said Davies.

Yellowfin managing director for EMEA, Peter Baxter, said System C was a “perfect example” of the type of reseller that Yellowfin was looking to partner with in the UK.

Yellowfin has a 100 percent channel-based go-to-market strategy in the UK, and System C has the knowledge, skills and resources to oversee highly successful BI implementations. System C’s experience in the UK’s healthcare sector is second-to-none, while their technical and project management expertise mean they have the capacity to deliver on the unique business analytics needs of the healthcare industry,” said Baxter.

Yellowfin is a partner centric organisation and, together with System C, we’ll be looking to expand on our existing healthcare success stories throughout the region.”

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