Computacenter partners with ICS on software automation

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The FLEX solution will serve Office 365 and Sharepoint roll-outs

Computacenter is partnering with ICS Solutions to meet growing market demand for software automation. ICS launched its FLEX Automation solution in September 2014 and already has 40,000 users.

Rob Stanley, head of workplace and mobile solutions at Computacenter, said: “The partnership with ICS Solutions will be a significant component of our continued growth. The quarterly financial figures from Microsoft announced last week point to a clear upward trend in the adoption of Office 365 and SharePoint.

However, a continuing issue for our customers is their ability to successfully deploy the solution and then ensure widespread adoption through added value to their employees. Automation is the missing link.”

FLEX Software automates the deployment, adoption and maintenance of Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, increasing end user adoption of Microsoft products. The automated solution removes the need for staff training by simplifying how applications can be used.

ComputacenterThrough the new FLEX “I want to…” application store, users can access a simple app store interface to navigate the Microsoft suite in an intuitive way. FLEX breaks apart the different functions of each application, allowing people to access particular services through the app store platform, maximising technology investments and driving productivity.

FLEX also has a fully automated maintenance layer, reducing the pressure on IT departments to monitor and implement software improvements.

Martin Neale, managing director of ICS Solutions, said: “Computacenter has recognised that there is a high demand for solutions that simplify the adoption and integration of applications in the workplace.

FLEX is the first automated solution to use an app store interface to improve adoption and we look forward to working with Computacenter in its drive to help businesses become the best they can be.”

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