Gresham Computing wins four transaction control deals

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Gresham’s software revenues were up 38 percent in the first half of 2015

Gresham Computing has won four new customers for its flagship Clareti Transaction Control (CTC) platform. The deals span Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, and take the total to six new CTC customers in the second half year period.

Gresham recently announced CTC deals with the Asia operation of a leading global insurer, and a US-based $1 billion pre-paid products business. The new users announced this week include a US asset manager, a UK tier 1 bank, a loan portfolio servicing business and an international provider of employee equity administration services. Use cases include financial control, internal risk management and data integrity assurance during business transition.

Financial money market valueIan Manocha, CEO of Gresham Computing, said: “Our plan to establish CTC as the category leader in enterprise data integrity is progressing well and I am pleased with the recent traction. The globalisation of our sales organisation is accelerating with new customers in the UK, continental Europe, US, Middle East and Asia Pacific.”

The four new customers represent a “significant value over a three year period”, said Gresham, building on a “strong year for CTC” which drove Gresham’s software revenues up 38 percent in the first half of 2015.

In line with the demand for CTC as a managed service, as well as on-premise, the company announced the launch of Clareti-as-a-Service last month, giving customers access to CTC in the cloud.

An update for Gresham’s On-Boarding Accelerator has also been released to the CTC core platform.


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