Insight wins software licensing deal at Anglesey council

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A previous contract saved the council £140,000

IT solutions provider Insight has won an ongoing contract with the Isle of Anglesey County Council in Wales to fully manage its Microsoft licensing estate.

The contact comes on the heels of Insight’s recent project with the council, which saw it save the organisation over £140,000 through the redeployment of unused licenses.

The new contract, worth £33,600 over the next three years, sees Insight assume responsibility for ensuring the organisation maintains licensing compliance and will give it complete visibility of its deployed software licenses. Insight will also implement a three-year License Consulting Desk Service to build and adapt “solid, cost effective licensing strategies” for the council, to help it meet its current and future technology needs.

LicensingSoftware licensing is an area which is full of complicated, fast-changing rules,” said Neil Summers, technical services manager, Isle of Anglesey County Council. “Insight had proved itself a valuable partner, and we realised that to ensure we were compliant and cost-effective we needed an expert to help us – which is where Insight came in.

Our work with them ensures we are compliant to our software providers and efficient as a local authority.”

In the previous project at the council, Insight implemented an Annual Managed Service to improve operations, enhance business objectives and cut expenses.

Ian Camino, EMEA director, license consulting services at Insight, said: “Through our solutions the council’s internal IT department now has full visibility and assurance that it is compliant. In turn, this will allow it to focus on the strategic business priority of driving innovation across the organisation.”

Earlier this year, Insight entered into a joint venture with AirVM, the provider of cloud management software which helps cloud service providers optimise the use of their VMware cloud platform.