Avnet launches new training service in the UK

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TrainingNow offering comes in two flavours

Avnet has launched its TrainingNow service in the UK, designed to make it easier for business partners to generate additional revenue from training.

By including training as part of the overall service offering, the distributor said business partners can “enhance their value proposition” and “boost end-user customer satisfaction”.

Avnet business partners can choose from two options in the TrainingNow proposition. The first presents partners with a menu of standard training sessions from Avnet Academy’s published schedule. Avnet works with each partner to help them understand the exact training requirements of their end-customers, guide them through the relevant course choices and develop the best training package in the right price range.

TrainingThe second option allows Avnet to manage the business partner’s end-user training programme from start to finish. The partner simply provides a list of end-user contacts and Avnet does the rest, including establishing training needs and creating a tailored programme to meet requirements. While Avnet will provide quotations and close opportunities, all purchase orders will go back via the partner involved to “ensure correct revenue recognition”.

Richard Whitson, Academy business development manager, Avnet Technology Solutions UK, said: “Supporting the partner community is our top priority, whether that’s helping them to explore new revenue streams or finding simpler ways to do business. Many partners shy away from selling training because they don’t have the time to invest in it.”

He said: “Our new TrainingNow service takes away the pain and provides competitive differentiation, increased customer engagement and significant financial benefits. By incorporating training into their value proposition, business partners can expect to enjoy enhanced margins, raising overall solution profitability and making a substantial, positive impact on their bottom line.”

Typically, Avnet said it conducts around 1,200 training sessions every year at multiple training centres throughout the UK. The company also has experience in designing and delivering more than 100 skills sessions that are specially tailored to meet quantifiable client objectives via a “blended learning methodology”.


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