Hybrid cloud and Internet of Things key to channel growth

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Resellers open up on their growth hopes in Brocade research

Channel players can “seize a competitive advantage” by strategically advising global enterprises and organisations on hybrid cloud networks, data centre bandwidth management and network virtualisation, according to research.

Brocade has published the results of its annual channel trends survey that was completed by more than 1,200 global Brocade channel partners from its distributor and reseller communities. The survey was conducted to better understand the changing needs of customers.

A large majority of Brocade channel partners surveyed say the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data will be significant trends, at least for some resellers, within 24 months. Within the next year, 29 percent believe IoT will be a significant trend, although 40 percent believe it will only be significant for some specialised resellers.

Within five years, on the other hand, 67 percent believe that IoT will be a significant trend, whereas only 23 percent believe it will be limited to specialised resellers.

Internet of things IoTNetwork security, followed by managing hybrid clouds and data centre bandwidth requirements, are seen by Brocade channel partners as the three biggest customer challenges in 2016. Network security is cited by 27 percent of channel partners.

The top three anticipated drivers of end-customer spending for 2016 are hybrid cloud, followed by network virtualisation and increasing data volumes.


24 percent anticipate that the desire to adopt hybrid cloud will drive end-customer spending

24 percent say the desire to adopt network virtualisation will increase spending

14 percent anticipate the competitive pressure to deliver better services will drive customer spending

The five top business priorities for channel partners in the next five years include:

44 percent will continue with their current growth strategy

40 percent plan to expand into new vertical/industry markets

33 percent are upgrading and/or expanding their technical competencies

27 percent plan to expand into new geographic regions

21 percent plan to enter a new practice area, focused on a new vendor brand or solution type

In 2016, Brocade will continue to provide partners with innovative technologies built for the New IP, along with market-proven solutions and vibrant brand recognition,” said Pete Peterson, Brocade vice president of global channel sales and marketing.