EMC World: EMC tackles the IoT data avalanche

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EMC launches Native Hybrid Cloud, VxRack System 1000 and DSSD Enhancements to help companies cope with today’s digital landscape

EMC has unveiled in Las Vegas new foundational offerings that address the four major pillars of the modern data centre – flash, scale-out, software-defined and cloud-enabled.

These include the new Native Hybrid Cloud (NHC) platform, VCE VxRack System 1000 with Neutrino Nodes, and major updates to DSSD D5.

Digital era

New technology-centric companies born in the digital era are leveraging cloud computing, modern software development techniques and an array of smart connected devices to enter and disrupt almost every industry, delivering radically improved consumer experiences.

Internet of things IoTTo respond, more traditional companies must re-kindle innovation within their own IT teams and build out new modern data centre architectures to support them. These architectures and infrastructure are very different from what resides in most IT environments today.

Speaking at EMC World today, David Goulden, EMC Information Infrastructure CEO, said: “There is an explosion of data from connected smart devices as sensors and telemetry are being built into every product imaginable.

To compete in the modern digital economy companies are embarking on digital transformations to exploit this ever-increasing amount of data. The new EMC technologies announced today are designed specifically to underpin these business modernisation initiatives.”

The latest addition to EMC’s cloud solutions portfolio, Native Hybrid Cloud (NHC) is an engineered turnkey developer platform for cloud-native application development and deployment.

VCE VxRack System 1000 with Neutrino Nodes is a software-defined hyper-converged rack-scale engineered system designed to provide a turnkey cloud-native IaaS experience. Using a VxRack System with Neutrino Nodes customers could deploy an enterprise-grade IaaS in just a few days with built-in automation, as well as dynamically provision resources for the first time in less than one hour.

The new ability to stripe two DSSD D5 systems together in a single rack delivers 2X the IOPS, bandwidth and capacity, a third of the latency and a lower TCO than the fastest converged solution for Oracle databases in the market today, EMC claims.

Also new today is VCE VxRack System with DSSD, a fully-engineered storage, networking and compute system that provides customers with a single pre-configured, optimised solution for their high-performance databases and data warehouses.

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