Internet Explorer 8 Does Well, but Not Well Enough

Aiming to outdo beta releases of Google Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft shoots for Web browser dominance by releasing Internet Explorer 8. The IE 8 browser is a vast improvement over IE 7, but Microsoft is still playing catch-up with competing browsers.

Selecting the Right MFPs for SMBs

Multifunction printers for small and midsize businesses have improved greatly in quality, performance and price. Channel Insider looks at five leading MFPs that cost less than $1,000 (£700) to see which one gives solution providers and their customers the biggest bang for their printing buck.

GoToAssist vs. LogMeIn: Battle for Remote Management

For solution providers wanting to break their break-fix model with remote access and management tools, two services – Citrix Online’s GoToAssist and LogMeIn Rescue are two solid choices, but differ in features and capabilities. Here’s what you need to know.

Ultralights, MacBook Air and Netbooks, Oh My

The choices for portable computing have never been greater. And the choice for which PC you buy and support, as always, comes down to price versus performance. Netbooks and MacBook Air look convenient, but do they have the power? Ultralights have features, but are they light enough? And what are we paying for? Here’s a look at today’s choices for mobile computing.

How eBay Is Alienating Selling Allies

The mighty online auction house only needs to look in the mirror to figure out why sales are slipping, customers are leaving and listings are shrinking. Solution providers that once called eBay “friend” are rejecting its hostile policies. Here’s why.

Tuning In Free Video Conferencing

Skype 4.0, ooVoo, Tokbox and Mebeam aim to make video conferencing simple, but are any of them good enough for business use? Solution Providers will find that limitations abound, creating up-sell opportunities.

Cisco, Trend Micro Partner to Tackle SOHO Market

Cisco’s absorption of Linksys has created—with help from Trend Micro—a new series of products that meld services with security hardware to create hybrid products for the small office. But the first effort doesn’t create a lot of opportunities for partners.

eGnyte Makes the Global Storage Cloud Local

Although the concept of a “hosted file server” is anything but new, eGnyte manages to take the storage cloud one step further by bringing it closer and inventing a new way for solution providers to think about hosted storage, services and the cloud.