Channel News

Vendors ‘Store Up’ for Selling Mobile Apps

Microsoft, Nokia and others are following Apple’s lead in launching application stores for their mobile platforms. Suddenly, solution providers and app developers have a whole new channel to present their wares.

EMC Adds VMware to Proven Solutions Portfolio

VMware is the latest vendor added to EMC’s Proven solutions portfolio, which helps solution providers deliver comprehensive, cross-vendor solutions to customers’ business problems.

CA Sets Sights on Displacing Symantec, McAfee

George Kafkarkou, the head of CA’s Internet Security Business Unit, believes he can displace large chunks of his larger rivals share of the antivirus and data loss prevention market with a new channel apparatus and strategy.

Tech Data Forecasts 20% Quarterly Decline

Even while forecasting a drop in sales of 20 percent for Q1, technology distributor Tech Data’s president tells Channel Insider that many pundits are hoping that Q1 represents the bottom of the recession. Still the outlook beyond Q1 remains murky.

Media Phones Poised for Prime Time

New breed of telephony devices combine the connectivity of Internet-connected PCs with the always-on convenience of telephones. Solution providers see opportunity in key verticals for these devices.

Tuning In Free Video Conferencing

Skype 4.0, ooVoo, Tokbox and Mebeam aim to make video conferencing simple, but are any of them good enough for business use? Solution Providers will find that limitations abound, creating up-sell opportunities.

Citrix Unveils New ProStart Program

Citrix’s ProStart program will make it easier for existing partners to expand into adjacent technology areas and simplify the certification process for new partners looking to sell Citrix solutions.

Fortinet Unwraps New, Integrated Security Platform

FortiOS 4.0 provides more tightly integrated security functionality and intelligence, and gives solution providers and users more options for inspecting and controlling network security. Fortinet believes the new platform gives it a competitive advantage over Juniper and Check Point.

CDW Gets Temporary Exclusivity to Kodak’s Scan Station 500

For the first 35 days of the product launch, CDW will have exclusive rights to sell the network scanning product, which now includes a voice memo feature. Kodak says the agreement will speed sales and seed the market for midmarket resellers.

Coyote Point Unveils New Channel Midmarket Program

Coming on the heels of a January announcement of new application acceleration and load balancing offerings, Coyote Point is restructuring its channel relationships to better serve midmarket clients.

Gartner: PC Unit Sales to See Worst Decline in History

Gartner is now forecasting a PC unit sales drop of 11.9 percent in 2009, nearly three times worse than the worst drop in history back in 2001. Netbooks seem to be the only bright spot as even standard PC notebooks look anemic for the year.

Enterprise Mobile Helping Large Enterprises Hit the Road

The Microsoft-backed systems integrator is plunging into the mobile apps market, pioneering a model of selecting, integrating and supporting mobile business applications for smartphones. Is this the next great channel opportunity?

Tech Job Loss Staunched in February

Technology companies laid off 33,000 workers in February, two-thirds less than the number displaced in January. The slowing pace of layoffs may signal optimisms for an upward turn in economic activity.

IBM Global Financing to JumpStart IT Spending

Think you can’t benefit from President Obama’s US Stimulus Spending Bill because your customers are leasing technology and computer equipment rather than buying it? Think again. IBM Global Financing’s JumpStart lease rates are designed to pass along the benefits to lease customers and their VARs.

Free Citrix XenServer For Everybody

Citrix hopes to spur further adoption of virtualization technology in SMB and midmarket customers by offering its XenServer platform for free.

Recession Hits Dell in Q4

If HP had a tough quarter, its rival computer maker Dell’s was worse with double-digit declines in revenue and net income, missing analyst estimates, as demand dropped out of the PC market.

eGnyte Makes the Global Storage Cloud Local

Although the concept of a “hosted file server” is anything but new, eGnyte manages to take the storage cloud one step further by bringing it closer and inventing a new way for solution providers to think about hosted storage, services and the cloud.

VMware, Iomega Create Storage Solution for the V-Curious

Designed for v-curious (virtualization-curious) users, the new configurations link VMware’s ESX and/or ESXi hypervisors with Iomega’s 1TB and 2TB storage boxes for the first time. VMware made the announcement at its VMWorld Europe 2009 expo and conference in Cannes.

Finjan Provides Vital Management in Security Appliances

Finjan’s Vital Security Web Gateway appliances have nearly everything an enterprise would expect in a security appliance. What sets Finjan apart is superior management capabilities that prove excellent for on-premise or managed services deployment.

EDS and Services Stabilise HP’s First Quarter

Services are where the smart money is during this recession as more companies look to outsource rather than invest in new computer hardware. HP’s most recent quarter is a case in point.

SMBs, Enterprises Share Common Communication Ailments

A study commissioned by Siemens finds that communication and collaboration problems are virtually the same among SMB organisations as they are in enterprise environments. But those problems are more expensive to SMBs, as inefficiencies cost them as much as £352,000 annually.