Hosted App Provider Apptix Expands Channel Program

Hosted VOIP, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Sharepoint communications provider Apptix is jumping further into the channel pool with an expanded program designed to parlay its hosted offerings into an opportunity for solution providers.

Microsoft Plans to Open Retail Stores

Microsoft will resell PCs with its software through branded retail outlets that will rival the Apple stores and have greater specialisation than other retailers, such as Best Buy or Walmart.


Nokia Opens Its Own Mobile App Store

Apple led the way with its iPhone Apps store, and Microsoft has announced similar plans. Nokia is solidifying the trend of phone manufacturers becoming distributors of third-party software for their devices.

Acer Channel Pushes Netbook Value in School Market

Acer and its channel partners have recognised that the popularity of netbook PCs’ small form factor and low price extends into the primary and secondary education market, Acer says. To capitalise on netbooks’ popularity in education, Acer is offering a 30-day trial program to schools.

ViewSonic Enters the PC Market

Computer monitor and display vendor ViewSonic has spruced up its channel partner program, the Finch Club, in preparation to enter the PC market with a line of all-in-one PCs and a detachable “nettop” PC. The move comes during a deep recession when PC leaders HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo are struggling with declining sales.

CDW-G Survey: Unified Communications Gains Momentum

A new CDW-G survey finds unified communications implementations are on the rise, and as many as 33 percent of respondents are planning for a new implementation – good news for the likes of Cisco, Avaya and other unified communications vendors.