IT Trends

Security is a problem for Cloud resellers

While there is huge pressure to come up with cloud based products, European suppliers have a few security problems to over come before trying to sell the idea to big enterprises. Companies looking at the Cloud all list security about their data remaining the top of the worry list. This is a bigger problem for

Avnet UK now dealing Microsoft System Center services

Avnet has signed up as a Microsoft System Center services provider and launched the service for the UK market. The company is the first of many to come Value Added Distributors in the UK to include Microsoft System Center services in its services provided roster.

Citrix offers up easy to use Windows service optimised for mobile users

Citrix has introduced a new cloud service for providing hosted Windows apps and desktops, hoping to make life easier for providers and offering a better experience for end users. With the release of the Cloud Provider Pack, Citrix Service Providers (CSPs) will soon be able to cheaply and easily run ‘Windows as a Service’ hosting

Steve Ballmer

The next 12 months are crucial for Microsoft

A few years ago, antitrust regulators were thinking of forcing Microsoft to divide itself into three different groups. The idea was that if there were two or three different companies, there would be less opportunity for Microsoft to take decisions which broke antitrust laws. While it might not have solved that problem, Microsoft would have

Communication the key to dealing with channel partners during floods, says WD

The worst of the effects of the Thai flooding of late last year may have passed, but the disruption that quickly reverberated down the supply chain is still being felt in channel even after the floods have receded. A return to full hard drive production is still awaited and prices remain inflated following the catastrophic

There’s still Value in the Channel, Intel MD says

Semiconductor giant Intel remains at the centre of the IT business – one senior executive at the corporation quipped to us a few years back that “the sun never sets on the Intel empire”. That’s pretty much true. Intel has a global reach, is consistently profitable and with over 100,000 employees exercises very considerable influence