IT Trends

Channel Partners To Sell HP’s Cloud AppsTest

Testing laboratories cost a fortune to build and even more to run. With a cloud based testing service, software can be tested more often and more cheaply. Who knows, the quality of software in general might improve

UK Security Resellers Get Tufin’s Policy Management

The systems save on management costs by automating network security operations, claimed David Caughtry, director of core technology at Computerlinks. Their other selling point is that they help companies manage compliance through change control, he argued.

Report Reveals Hackers Attacked Verisign Repeatedly In 2010

Confidence in the security industry has been rocked by reports of multiple breaches in the world’s flagship infrastructure protector. VeriSign, the company charged with safeguarding more than half the world’s web sites, has admitted it was hacked repeatedly in 2010. The infrastructure services giant attempted to bury its guilty secret in its quarterly Securities and

Microsoft: Embrace Clients with BI

Microsoft global channel boss Allison Watson says there’s never been a more important time for Business Intelligence: “Knowing your business and ensuring your customers’ satisfaction will be critical to surviving the recession”.