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1.6x Increase in Campaign Response Rate Achieved by a Home Improvement Retailer Using Campaign Analytics | Quantzig’s Recent Success Story

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For a global home improvement retailer, Quantzig’s innovative campaign analytics solutions which combined customer segmentation, user-based collaborative filtering, and behavioral analysis generated more than 1.6x improvement in their campaign response rate, resulting in higher customer satisfaction due to precise recommendations. Schedule a FREE demo for comprehensive solution insights.

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Engagement Overview:

Retailers in the home improvement supplies market face several challenges in increasing sales and market shares due to the diversity of the product portfolio and the rising competition. In such a rapidly changing market landscape, the need to measure the success of campaigns has increased considerably. Therefore, identifying the right marketing channels and the right metrics to measure its effectiveness was crucial for a home improvement supplies retailer that chose to collaborate with Quantzig to leverage its expertise in campaign analytics to refine its target audience and increase the efficiency of its marketing campaigns.

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The Problem:

To explore future growth opportunities, the client, a leading multinational home improvement supplies retailer based out of the US approached Quantzig to evaluate the effectiveness of their digital campaigns. With marketing spend utilized across various channels and touchpoints, the organization was oblivious as to which channel was contributing to the profit and ROI from marketing investments of the company.

The primary objective of this campaign analytics assessment was to evaluate the effectiveness of multiple digital campaigns and analyze their impact on various stages of customer engagement with the organization. The other key challenges that the client sought to overcome included:

  • Identify new growth opportunities
  • Quantify the contributions from various digital campaigns
  • Analyze channel specific attributes that predict the effectiveness of digital campaigns at various stages of customer engagement

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Solution Offered and Value Delivered:

Quantzig worked with the client to streamline its complex framework and create highly optimized and simplified architecture for ensuring campaign effectiveness. Our campaign analytics assessment is specifically designed to help global retailers understand the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives and evaluate strategies followed by their key competitors. Some of the solutions offered and the results obtained are as follows:

  • Offered insights into a variety of traditional and non-traditional KPIs at various levels of granularities
  • Designed and implemented self-generating decisions board by automating the report generation process and embedded business rules for decision making
  • Analyzed information from various campaign spend data, sales data, web traffic data, channel-specific attributes, and digital advertising metrics

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