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10KMedia Adds ‘Kintaba’ as its Latest Premier Client: A Best-In-Class Incident Management Platform Founded by Former Facebook Engineers

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Kintaba, the incident management platform helping companies resolve major outages faster by automating plans and processes, today becomes a client of 10KMedia, a PR agency hyper-focused on premier DevOps startups. 10KMedia also represents the commercial Chaos Engineering solution Gremlin, founded by engineers from Amazon and Netflix; the Modern Observability platform Lightstep, founded by engineers from Google; and the rapid debugging startup Rookout, based out of Tel-Aviv, Israel.

“We first announced Kintaba earlier this year, just before the world went into lockdown, and have been looking for the right firm to partner with as our company grows,” said John Egan, CEO and Co-Founder of Kintaba. “The name ‘Kintaba’ comes from the Japanese art where golden inlay is used to repair broken pottery. I think that’s a nice image; our mission is to help teams better respond to major incidents, learn from them, and come back better and stronger than they were before.”

When there’s a major outage at a traditional company, there’s often a seniority threshold for who can even report the problem in the first place, and then chaos afterwards. Kintaba believes that anyone should be able to kick off the process for mitigating a failing system or dangerous situation, similar to pressing the big red button on a factory floor. After the incident is reported, Kintaba also provides streamlined process and tooling for effectively responding to, mitigating, and ultimately learning from the incident to better avoid a recurrence.

“We turn critical situations into learning opportunities for the entire organization,” said Cole Potrocky, CTO and Co-Founder of Kintaba. “Not only does Kintaba present clear dashboards where everyone can see what major incidents have surfaced, along with who’s responding and how — we also extend beyond the incident, providing easy to use tooling for writing postmortems, collaborating with your teammates, managing your oncall roles, and scheduling incident review meetings.”

Today, Site Reliability Engineers (SREs), DevOps, and engineering teams cobble together various software and processes to manage major incidents; everything from text messages to chat apps to task managers to Google Docs to alerting systems. The Kintaba founders experienced these pains and frustrations first hand while building their first company, a Y-combinator backed data-transfer startup that was acquired by Facebook in 2012.

Years later, while trying to get their next startup off the ground, they were once again spending too much time firefighting and realized they needed a tool that replicated the incident management processes followed by companies like Facebook and Google. That’s when they decided to put their time and energy into building Kintaba.

“This is exactly the kind of company I get excited about,” said Adam LaGreca, Founder of 10KMedia. “Engineers with deep expertise from a FAANG company, realizing there’s a problem and bringing the full weight of their talent to fix it.”

Quotes of support

“Adam’s ability to explain the impact of new technologies to existing business and the press is invaluable. He is constantly looking for opportunities to help build awareness, while providing real value to everyone involved.” — Olivier Pomel, CEO and Co-Founder at Datadog

“I’ve known Adam for years, since we were both hustling at DigitalOcean trying to make big things happen. Since I founded my own company, I’ve leaned on his friendship and expertise to navigate press-worthy moments and make sure the story I want to tell gets heard by the world.” — Edward Chiu, CEO and Co-Founder of Catalyst

Adam’s experience with developers goes back to his days at DigitalOcean, and his subsequent work at companies like Datadog and Gremlin demonstrate his expertise in the DevOps space.” — David Klein, Head of Marketing at Lightstep

About 10KMedia

10KMedia is a boutique PR agency hyper-focused on B2B DevOps. The agency’s founder led communications for premier startups DigitalOcean and Datadog. Current clients include Gremlin, Rookout, and Lightstep. Operations are based in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

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