Press release

1aim is Now Part of FSB Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co. KG

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In 2013, we set out to build a company to change the way commercial access control works from the ground up. We wanted, quite simply, to open any door with any mobile phone and manage buildings completely from remote. Yann had an idea for a unique software architecture, which allowed us to issue keys online while validating them offline. This was the beginning of our LightAccess Pro product suite. We’ve built a great team, which was always focused on providing superior technical solutions for the real estate technology space. We’ve achieved many firsts we’re sincerely proud of, such as being the first mobile access platform that is compatible with more than 99% of phones in the market.

Today, we’re announcing that FSB, our long-term partner and leading door and window hardware manufacturer, has taken over 1aim. Our team will become a new independent unit of FSB, called Digital Access Control (DAC), which will continue our mission to create the leading mobile-based access solution. We will continue to be based in Berlin and work closely with the FSB team in Brakel.

FSB shares 1aim’s values of product and engineering excellence and is one of the most respected brands in the architecture world. The quality and design of FSB door hardware convinced leading architects to have their custom design door handles built by FSB. We’re happy to continue our work with a great partner that shares our core values.

Along our journey, we have celebrated some great successes and learned many lessons, all of which have shaped us into what we are today. We’re proud that a well-respected industry leader trusts our technology to open up a new chapter in its more than 135-year old history.

What does this mean for you as an existing user or a potential client who is interested in our technology? Actually very little. FSB will continue to operate all 1aim services including LightCommand and LightPass as before and will enhance the functionality of the products in the future. The 1aim products will be available as FSB products, both at FSB dealerships and through our sales team which is continuing its work as before as part of the FSB sales team.

We feel confident that FSB will take great care of everything that we have created.

Torben & Yann