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2019 Data Shows IKS Health Helps Physicians Save More Than One Million Hours Annually

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IKS Health, a premier healthcare solutions organization, today announced it has furthered its impact on the healthcare industry by saving physicians more than one million hours annually across the United States. These savings are enabled by the use of Scribble, IKS Health’s virtual scribe solution, which saves providers more than two hours per day. Further, this time savings estimate does not consider further time saved by the entire IKS platform, which helps increase efficiencies in both the exam room and the business office. For an organization with around $1 billion in revenue, this amounts to more than $72 million bottom line contribution when the entity leverages IKS’s full-service solutions suite.

As organizations continue to uncover strong opportunities and success with IKS’s services, IKS expanded its reach in 2019 by 19 new and existing contracts with some of the nation’s leading healthcare provider organizations. New clients include Femwell Group Health, US Digestive Health, Village MD, Dimensional Dental, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Central Vermont Medical Center, Health Care Associates of Texas and Burger Rehabilitation at Casamba. Annual growth also includes the extension of existing partnerships with organizations such as Brigham Women’s Hospital, Milford Hospital, Pentucket Medical, and Wentworth Douglas. With these new and expanded partnerships, IKS has added nearly 2,800 physician users to their services, many of them taking advantage of Scribble implementation to advance their documentation practices.

“Using Scribble has increased the passion our physicians have for patient care, which has helped us combat physician burnout as it has become a growing concern for the industry. As we innovate the way we treat patients, we understand the tools we use can impact the amount of care and time our physicians give daily. Our partnership with IKS has allowed us to focus on what’s needed to ensure our staff are as satisfied and engaged in the care provided as patients are,” said Dr. Michael Rossi, chief physician executive of LVHN and president of Lehigh Valley Physician Group (LVPG).

With the advent of a new year and a new decade, IKS is entering its second decade of operations. Focusing initially on financial stability for client organizations, and moving into addressing the burden of clinical documentation, IKS will further its innovation in the year ahead. In 2020 and beyond, IKS will continue advancing its technology capacity and capability to improve automation and efficiency across organizations. Further, to help organizations uncover new opportunities with population health and revenue cycle, this holistic approach to partnerships and collaboration will increase strategic cost efficiencies and help organizations deliver better, safer care.

“For the past decade, there has been a growing need for physicians to focus on compliance, revenue management and other administrative tasks which has caused an advance in physician burnout and concerns with improving patient care,” said Sachin K Gupta, Founder and CEO, IKS Health, “As we strategically pair technology with expertise to fill gaps in an organization’s operations, we refocus everything back onto patient care and the provider experience, thus creating an influx of ease across staff workflow and the revitalization of the patient encounter, which is the most rewarding and impactful result our industry can achieve.”

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IKS Health enables the enhanced delivery of exceptional health care for today’s practicing physician, medical groups and health systems. Supporting health care providers through every function of the patient visit, IKS is a go-to resource for organizations looking to effectively scale, improve quality and achieve cost savings through integrated technology and forward-thinking solutions. Founded in 2007, the 4,500-member strong workforce at IKS includes approximately 1,000 physicians and manages more than $10 billion in revenue for more than 18,000 client physicians throughout the United States.