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2019 Shared Assessments Summit Awards Presented to Leaders in Third Party Risk Management

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Santa Fe Group
, authorities in risk management and the managing
agent of the Shared
Assessments Program
, today announced 10 risk management
professionals were honored for their outstanding contributions to the
Shared Assessments program at the recent 2019 Third Party Risk Summit in
Arlington, VA last month.

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2019 Shared Assessments Summit award winners. Back row left to right: Bob Maley, Nasser Fattah, Jona ...

2019 Shared Assessments Summit award winners. Back row left to right: Bob Maley, Nasser Fattah, Jonathan Dambrot, Kenneth Peterson, Ron Bradley, Dave O’Connor, Glen Sgambati. Front: Catherine Allen, Linnea Solem, Angela Dogan, John Bree. (Photo: Business Wire)

Honorees include:

  • Ken Peterson, Founder and CEO of Churchill & Harriman,
    Founder’s Award
  • Angela Dogan, Director of Vendor Risk and Compliance Services,
    Lynx Technology Partners, Inc., Evangelist Award
  • Ron Bradley, Senior Manager Information Security, Reynolds
    American, Inc., Evangelist Award
  • John Bree, Neo Group Inc. SVP and Partner, Evangelist Award
  • Nasser Fattah, Managing Director, MUFG Bank, Evangelist Award
  • Linnea Solem, CEO and Founder of Solem Risk Partners,
    Leadership in Education and Development (LEAD) Award
  • David O’Connor, Manager of Information Security at Iron
    Mountain, Innovator Award
  • Jonathan Dambrot, Co-Founder and Board Member of Prevalent,
    Cornerstone Award
  • Bob Maley, CSO at NormShield, MVP Award
  • Glen Sgambati, Vice President, Leader of Customer Success,
    Early Warning, Steering Committee Chair Award.

“The Shared Assessments Program is successful because of the ideas,
creativity, collaboration and cooperation from our members,” said Cathy
Allen, president of CEO of the Santa Fe Group and the Shared Assessments
Program. “Third party risk is a serious issue that can imperil
organizations, companies, and institutions of any size. These threats
require continual improvement of security technologies, training and
policies to stay one step ahead of those who would destroy livelihoods
and reputations. Our honorees contributions to our program help us
integrate new technologies, thwart attacks and integrate new rules and
requirements. We are fortunate to have their expertise and dedication to
our program.”

About the Honorees

Ken Peterson is known as the “Verify Guy” and has been with
Shared Assessments from the beginning. He is being recognized for his
ongoing commitment to improving the program. Ken serves his Churchill
and Harriman clients well and offers the same dedication to Shared
Assessments. Ken has served on the Steering Committee and Advisory Board
and was entrusted as Liaison between the two. Ken and his team have
dedicated hours to refining the Tools and CTPRP curriculum. He
facilitated numerous strategic introductions and led the coordination of
the Shared Assessments/Churchill & Harriman Healthcare Forum in 2015.

Shared Assessments recognized four professionals with the Evangelist
, which is dedicated to exceptionally involved members who are
always looking for innovative and thoughtful ways to promote Shared
Assessments. Each honoree advances the value of Shared Assessments to
key partners, prospects, associates and colleagues.

Angela Dogan has been a proponent of Shared Assessments even
before she was a member. Acxiom introduced her to the tools while she
was at Resurgent and she immediately saw the benefits. She volunteered
to be a SIG beta tester while Resurgent was becoming a member. Ever
since, anytime Angela is anywhere with more than two people, she always
mentions Shared Assessments. As chair of the SCA committee, Angela has
advanced the SCA to make it more usable and has been successfully
pushing assessment firms to adopt and use the SCA.

Ron Bradley brings a breadth of knowledge to any organization and
his history with Shared Assessments reaches back to the beginning of the
program. His background in Banking, Operational Technology, and Consumer
Goods has improved the Program, as he has improved third party risk in
those organizations. Through his career, he has spoken highly of and
contributed to Shared Assessments. Ron’s fingerprints are on the first
SIG. He has chaired the Consumer Goods Vertical Strategy Group, the SIG
Committee, and is a member of the Steering Committee.

John Bree epitomizes the definition of an evangelist who “talks
about something with great enthusiasm.” His evangelism is particularly
effective because of his broad and deep risk management experience that
comes with a global perspective. John is a huge supporter of Shared
Assessments, including as a Steering Committee member, and brings his
financial industry expertise to the table with experience in fraud,
governance, privacy, and risk.

Nasser Fattah is a long-time Shared Assessments and Steering
Committee member who expanded his contribution this year by serving as
Co-Chair of the Financial Institutions Vertical Strategy Group and
volunteered as a guest speaker to the Insurance Vertical Strategy Group.
He brings his expertise on topics such as “Regulatory Examination
Feedback on the NY-DFS Process” while actively engaging participants in
robust conversation. He plays an important role in encouraging dialogue
and advancing the important vertical strategy group mission and work.

Linnea Solem was recognized with the Leadership in Education
and Development (LEAD) Award,
which honors the person who makes an
ongoing commitment to third party risk training and development. Her
experience on the Advisory Board and Privacy Committee and depth of
knowledge in governance, privacy, security and compliance have helped
guide the policies of the Shared Assessments Education Program.

David O’Connor, Manager of Information Security at Iron Mountain,
received the Innovator Award for his overall guidance and insight
along with his vast experience responding to assessment requests. David
has also provided critical input and feedback into the functionality of
the SIG tool from the perspective of a service provider.

Jonathan Dambrot, CEO, Co-Founder and Board Member of Prevalent,
received the Cornerstone Award, which recognizes lasting
contributions to the Shared Assessments Program. He has been a leader in
third party risk for many years, lending his strategic vision to the
program. Dambrot chaired the Steering Committee and has recently joined
the Shared Assessments Advisory Board. Jonathan has also set up a
scholarship program for cybersecurity.

Bob Maley, CSO at NormShield and Co-Chair of the Continuous
Monitoring Working Group, was this year’s MVP Award winner. Bob
is also a Steering Committee member and leads the Taxonomy Subcommittee,
which categorizes specific vulnerabilities and events that can be
monitored by both solution providers and outsourcers.

Glen Sgambati, Customer & Industry Relations Executive at Early
Warning, received the Steering Committee Chair Award for serving
multiple terms. He has been an active member and participant of the
Shared Assessments Program since its inception. Outside of his expertise
in third party risk management, Glen is a leader in areas such as fraud,
product management, crisis management, enterprise risk and relationship
management and sales.

The Awards were presented at April’s annual Shared Assessments Third
Party Risk Summit in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Shared
Assessments Third Party Risk Summit
is the IT Security industry’s
premier annual global, multi-industry event to shed light on processes,
technologies and efficiencies in third party risk management. By
bringing together leading experts in risk management, the Summit helps
to identify trends and share best practices for organizations of all
types and sizes. Attendees have the opportunity to network with peers,
benchmark and improve the maturity of their programs and learn to
leverage best practices and new technologies. Third Party Risk
Management requires organizations to continually improve their processes
to stay one step ahead of the challenges and complexities of outsourcing
mission-critical services. New technologies must be integrated, new
attacks thwarted, and new regulations must be integrated.

About the Shared Assessments Program

As the only organization that has uniquely positioned and developed
standardized resources to bring efficiencies to the market for more than
a decade, the Shared Assessments Program has become the trusted source
in third party risk assurance. Shared Assessments offers opportunities
for members to address global risk management challenges through
committees, awareness groups, interest groups and special projects. Join
the dialog with peer companies and learn how you can optimize your
compliance programs while building a better understanding of what it
takes to create a more risk sensitive environment in your organization.

About The Santa Fe Group

The Santa Fe Group’s risk management experts work collaboratively with
organizations worldwide to identify valuable trends, risks, and
vulnerabilities, and to advise, educate, and empower organizations in
the areas of cybersecurity, third party risk, emerging technologies, and
program management. The Santa Fe Group is the managing agent of the
membership-based Shared Assessments Program, which helps many of the
world’s leading organizations manage and protect against third party IT
security risks.