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2020 Content Management Value Matrix Highlights Increased ROI from Low Code Integration, Scalability and AI

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Nucleus Research today released the 2020 Content Management Technology Value Matrix, its assessment of the content management (CM) market.

For the report, Nucleus evaluated CM vendors based on their solution’s usability, functionality, and value to the user. While other firms’ market reports position vendors based on the analyst’s opinions, the Nucleus Value Matrix evaluates vendors based on analysis of actual end-user experiences that drive the value customers achieve from the solution. The Matrices are designed to help a buyer evaluate a short list of vendors and choose the solution that delivers the greatest return for its specific needs.

The shift to remote work has strained the limits of traditional content solutions. Content management is one of the oldest and most mature technologies in the software market, and it has had to modernize its offerings in response to the ‘new normal’. Users are shifting focus from classic document storage to defining a strategy and identifying software that will deal with the growth and volume of information. Innovative vendors will lead the way with solutions that redefine the way CM technology will maximize efficiency, productivity, and direct value to the users.

“Content management solutions are more essential and valuable than ever, given the immense amount of data and computing power required for remote work,” says Barbara Peck, Principal Analyst at Nucleus Research. “As many companies stay out of the office for the foreseeable future, content management solutions will need to provide seamless integration with other applications to deliver viewable content across multiple platforms to deliver demonstrable value.”

“CM vendors need to deliver solutions with high functionality, ease of use, task automation, and smooth integrations with core business applications, in order for companies to feel their investment is justifiable,” says Evelyn McMullen, analyst at Nucleus Research.

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