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2020 Corporate Performance Management Value Matrix Highlights Value of AI, Embedded Analytics and Platform Offerings

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Nucleus Research today released the 2020 Corporate Performance Management Value Matrix, an assessment of the corporate performance management (CPM) market based on the value customers realize from the product usability and functionality that CPM vendors are currently delivering with their solutions.

The Nucleus Corporate Performance Management Value Matrix measures the ability of analytics vendors to deliver value in usability and functionality and are placed into four categories: Leaders, Experts, Facilitators, and Core Providers. Customers can use the Matrices to evaluate vendor short lists as well as to make the case for maintaining existing applications.

While other firm’s market reports position vendors based on analyst opinions, the Nucleus Value Matrix segments competitors based on usability, functionality and the value that customers realized from each product’s capabilities, measured with Nucleus’ rigorous ROI methodologies.

Corporate Performance Management Leaders include: BOARD International, OneStream Software, Planful, Prophix, Vena Solutions and Workday.

As the market continues to evolve and the cloud shifts the responsibility and costs of upgrades and maintenance back towards the vendors, CPM solutions have adapted to handle a wide array of tasks ranging from closing the books and consolidation, to analytics and business intelligence. To meet customers’ changing needs, CPM vendors have shifted toward platform offerings to consolidate multiple lines of work into a single interface. CPM vendors have also continued their breakneck pace of functionality innovation, leveraging embedded analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

“Strategic planning plays a critical role in maintaining long-term business success,” says Ian Campbell, CEO of Nucleus Research. “As businesses turn to CPM solutions to handle their financial needs, leading vendors have expanded into platform offerings that cover more tasks which drive additional value through improved operational visibility and process integration.”

“The CPM market continues to heat up as vendors race to provide their customers with new and exciting capabilities, from platform offerings to embedded analytics,” says Andrew MacMillen, analyst at Nucleus Research. “The CPM landscape will continue witnessing innovation as vendors compete to provide greater solution flexibility and usability.”

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