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2020 CPQ Value Matrix Underscores Value of Price Optimization and Self-Service Functionality

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Nucleus Research today released the 2020 CPQ Value Matrix, its assessment of the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) market. This latest Value Matrix measures the value customers realize from the product usability and functionality that CPQ vendors are currently delivering with their solutions.

For this Value Matrix, Nucleus evaluated CPQ vendors based on their usability and functionality, as well as the value that customers realized from each product’s capabilities. The research is intended to serve as a snapshot of the CPQ technology market, help inform customers about how vendors are delivering value, and take stock of what can be expected in the future based on present investments.

While other firms’ market reports position vendors based on analyst opinions, the Nucleus Value Matrix segments competitors based on usability, functionality and the value that customers realized from each product’s capabilities, measured with Nucleus’ rigorous ROI methodologies.

CPQ Leaders include: Apttus, Infor, Oracle and Salesforce.

As the CPQ market continues to mature and customers look to streamline the sales process from lead generation to payment and delivery, CPQ solutions are beginning to cover more ground. The digitization of sales, especially within business-to-business (B2B) market areas, has driven organizations to adopt new business models and software solutions to generate opportunities and capture market share. CPQ solutions have already expedited sales cycles in virtually all business-to-consumer (B2C) channels, helping users improve their win-rates and increase deal sizes. Vendors must now equip businesses with the functionalities for B2B sales.

“As the sales process accelerates with enhanced vendor offerings, it is critical for businesses to support multiple sales channels and shorten overall sales cycles to remain competitive,” says Ian Campbell, CEO of Nucleus Research. “Effective CPQ vendors allow companies to stay ahead of the curve by expanding their solutions to cover the entire lead-to-cash cycle, or by expanding vertically, delivering value to customers with best-of-breed solutions and deep industry expertise.”

“The CPQ market continues to mature as vendors develop new capabilities for their customers, such as self-service portals for B2B e-commerce and improved price optimization,” says Isaac Gould, analyst at Nucleus Research. “The CPQ landscape will see accelerated growth and innovation as vendors compete to provide greater solution flexibility and usability.”

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