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2020 Talent Acquisition Value Matrix Highlights Increased ROI from Automated Candidate Engagement Capabilities

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Nucleus Research today released the 2020 Talent Acquisition Technology Value Matrix, its assessment of the talent acquisition market.

Evaluating talent acquisition vendors based on their talent solutions’ usability, functionality and value to the user, Nucleus named ClearCompany, Greenhouse, iCIMS, Talentsoft and Zoho Recruit as leaders.

Record high unemployment and the economic downturn have significantly changed the recruiting landscape for employers. Organizations must respond to a drastic expansion of talent pools while ensuring that recruiters can collaborate efficiently while working remotely. As engagement becomes a critical aspect of the candidate experience, the most valuable talent acquisitions solutions will automate processes such as sourcing, candidate outreach and interview scheduling to give recruiters time to hone-in on the quality of candidates.

While other firms’ market reports position vendors based on the analyst’s opinions, the Nucleus Value Matrix evaluates vendors based on analysis of actual end-user experiences that drive the value customers achieve from the solution. The Matrices are designed to help a buyer evaluate a short list of vendors and choose the solution that delivers the greatest return for its specific needs.

“Leading talent acquisition vendors are responding to organizational needs exacerbated by the pandemic through investment in automated capabilities that shorten time-to-hire and boost recruiter and hiring manager productivity,” says Evelyn McMullen, analyst at Nucleus Research. “As our economy recovers and companies look to fill open positions with a vast talent pool, continued investment in automation will be crucial to allow organizations to rededicate their staff efforts to bottom-of-the-funnel activities.”

“Talent acquisition solutions are more valuable than ever, given the drastic expansion of talent pools that organizations are facing,” says Ian Campbell, CEO of Nucleus Research. “As remote work remains the norm for many companies for the foreseeable future, talent acquisition vendors must provide organizations the ability to oversee the talent acquisition process while ensuring that recruiters can collaborate while working remotely.”

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