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250ok Introduces Google Postmaster Tools Integration

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250ok, an Indianapolis-based email analytics and deliverability platform, today introduced its integration with Google Postmaster Tools. The feature is the first in the industry to gather Google postmaster data across IP addresses and domains into one solution, allowing senders to analyze all Gmail deliverability signals at once.

The Google Postmaster Tools integration is available now for all 250ok customers as a part of their suite of email deliverability tools. Once access to sending domains is established, up to four months of Gmail performance data can be backfilled into 250ok and passed through to customers in a flexible reporting interface and API.

This integration bridges a gap existing since Google’s release of Google Postmaster Tools in 2015 to provide email marketers with insights and visibility to analyze their email’s performance at Gmail. While a good resource for marketers, Postmaster Tools historically lacked the reporting flexibility to integrate the data into deliverability solutions. 250ok’s integration enables marketers to monitor performance across multiple IP addresses and sending domains at once, and in turn, provides a more cohesive picture of Gmail performance.

“Every sender wanted this feature since Google first introduced Postmaster Tools,” said Alex Griffis, senior vice president of product at 250ok. “Before now, it was very challenging to monitor Gmail performance across multiple IP addresses and domains. This integration provides more context into Gmail delivery in a single report, helping senders understand exactly what is causing problems in tandem with other Gmail delivery and reputation metrics available in 250ok’s platform.”

In addition to API access and reporting across multiple domains and IP addresses, customers will soon be able to create custom dashboard widgets, reports and alerting based on Gmail performance. 250ok will continue to add and improve features to this API before year’s end.

This announcement follows Validation as the latest addition to 250ok’s expanding platform, joining its suite of pre-send, deployment and post-completion analytics. Together, they form the most comprehensive third-party email optimization toolset available.

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About 250ok:

250ok is a SaaS platform bringing marketers advanced insights into email deliverability, design, sender reputation, fraud protection, and consumer engagement—the ultimate email intelligence add-on to any ESP. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, 250ok’s platform provides email data and insights for a large and growing number of businesses in categories ranging from travel, publishing, tech, and retail—including three of the top six US retail eCommerce companies by sales share in 2018.