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29Bison Announces Launch of AlphaCalc® Digital Platform

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29Bison, a human capital management consultant for private equity and venture capital firms and their portfolio companies, today announced the launch of AlphaCalc®, a business intelligence platform that enhances due diligence, portfolio-monitoring, and value-creation processes. In addition to standard metrics around top- and bottom-line performance, as well as key risk factors, the platform also provides measures and industry-specific benchmarks around the impact of human capital, creating actionable insights to improve productivity across the business enterprise.

“Amidst an uncertain economic environment, and as operating models evolve in a shelter-in-place world, the timely and actionable human capital analysis AlphaCalc offers is more important than ever,” said Laura Queen, Founder and CEO of 29Bison. “The last bastion of opportunity for middle market PE sponsors to manage risk and drive portfolio company growth is human capital management and the often unexplored value of people within these businesses. AlphaCalc provides organizations with the means to easily track and improve human capital metrics in addition to other financial KPIs to drive sustainable growth and, ultimately, improve returns for all stakeholders.”

AlphaCalc’s powerful AI-driven analysis engine distills insights in business performance across key financial and human capital metrics. An automated dashboard delivers actionable analytics, bespoke to the target industry, highlighting areas of concern and opportunities for improvement. With integrated deep data mining from over 2,600 industries and nearly one million private businesses, the AlphaCalc platform provides key benchmarks relevant to private middle-market businesses and through incorporating human capital metrics, helps make intangible assets tangible and appreciable to business performance.

“The old private equity model of slashing costs has given way to a more sustainable approach that is seeing both private equity and venture capital sponsors increasingly adopt ESG principles,” said Eric Lane, Partner and COO of 29Bison. “It’s through this lens that many investors are looking to create value through people. Adding human capital management metrics to enhance financial analysis can add speed and conviction around due diligence and value creation processes and ultimately help organizations avoid costly mistakes.”

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29Bison is a strategic human capital advisor that helps build value for middle market private equity and venture capital firms and their portfolio companies. The firm provides human capital due diligence, value optimization, and pre- and post-transaction services with the goal of helping clients avoid risk and realize growth. By combining data-driven inquiry with a strengths-based, people-centric approach, 29Bison provides its clients with Deal Assurance™. To learn more, visit or