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360insights Launches Charitable Giving Solution

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360insights, the global channel incentives leader, announced today that its new Charitable Giving Solution is available for all clients free of charge. This new feature offers today’s consumers a way to give back, while also enabling brands to emotionally connect with their consumers on a deeper level. Integrated into its award-winning Channel Success Platform™, 360insights’ Charitable Giving Solutions lets consumers donate all or a portion of their consumer rebate payment to the cause of their choice and receive an official tax receipt.

360insights is offering this unique rebate option free of charge to enable its own customers to encourage charitable giving. The company has also announced that it will assist clients migrate from physical payments to digital as quickly as possible, particularly those using cheques as part of their consumer rebate process. While these solutions are more relevant now than ever as organizations navigate the global pandemic, 360insights will continue to provide them to clients at no cost because its part of their DNA.

“While we’re excited about leading the charge in disrupting the incentive industry in a positive way, we’re even more enthusiastic about helping our clients help others during this worldwide crisis,” said Jason Atkins, CEO of 360insights. “Today’s buyers want meaning with their purchases, with half (50 percent) of Americans saying they would switch to a company that supports a cause they believe in. By introducing our Charitable Giving Solution, customers can feel good about giving back to the causes important to them, while brands can achieve their goals of connecting with their consumers through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts.”

360insights’ Charitable Giving Solution offers the following key features and consumer advantages:

  • The consumer chooses the amount – Recipients can donate any portion of their rebate payment they wish to give.
  • Brands can match – Match any amount up to any limit for greater leverage and greater good.
  • Make a difference – Make the world a better place while brands build marketplace differentiation.
  • Today’s buyer wants meaning – With their purchase linked to a charitable donation, a brand’s consumers have a genuine emotional connection.
  • Stay connected – Brands can keep their consumers emotionally engaged with regular email updates on their shared charitable impact.

CooperVision, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and related products and services, is the first 360insights customer to adopt the new Charitable Giving Solution to help support Optometry Giving Sight, the global fundraising initiative that specifically targets the prevention of blindness and impaired vision. Since launching the program, CooperVision has seen an increase in donations of nearly 70 percent, along with significant upticks in patient connections, satisfaction and rebate participation.

“More and more consumers are looking to connect the money they spend to something meaningful,” said Kristin Finucane, CVI Project Manager for Customer Marketing. “With the help of 360insights’ Charitable Giving Solution, CooperVision is not only increasing brand differentiation with our Optometry Giving Sight program, but also going the extra mile to help our customers deliver significant social impact”

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