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5G LLC Adds Slate Grocery REIT to ‘High Tech’ Rooftop Portfolio

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5G LLC is excited to announce a new addition of properties to its ‘high tech’ rooftop portfolio, through an exclusive multi-year agreement with Slate Grocery REIT. 5G LLC will be leading the opportunity for Slate Grocery REIT to turn the dead space of their urban rooftops into the perfect 5G equipment site bringing significant additional property revenue without capital contribution, thus increasing significant incremental rent roll for decades, building NOI and meaningful capped value without encumbering their buildings.

5G wireless technology, new solutions and new carrier entrants are driving the demand for exponential growth with national deployments. “The close to $90 billion carriers spent on additional spectrum in the recent C-band auctions further increases the urgency to get new sites up and running. Depending on location, the size and structure of the roof, it is now possible to have 3 or more carriers’ antennas all paying the owner rent with 10-to-30-year leases. The roof is the best next generation lease,” said Matt Davis, CEO of 5G LLC.

5G LLC’s “rooftops” allow the carriers to quickly deploy and expand the newest technology to meet the dramatic increase in demand of required cell sites. Historically, revenues overwhelmingly went to tower operators, but the rooftop opportunity now exists because the physics of 5G requires a 4-fold increase in cell site density and allows for lower cell antenna heights, making commercial real estate an ideal “cell tower” site. In addition, 5G presents the opportunity to ensure the availability of an amenity that is rapidly becoming an absolute necessity for commercial tenants. 5G promises more connected devices, faster speeds and highly resilient service levels driving new business sectors like connected vehicles, healthcare, gadgets, and public transportation. 5G LLC’s executive carrier and high-tech relationships provide Slate with an immediate on-ramp to the carrier’s national deployments.

Slate Grocery REIT’s high quality and growing U.S. portfolio, comprised of grocery-anchored assets, provides exposure to the world’s largest grocers in markets with strong demographics. Their expertise and status as a trusted partner to leading grocers generates cash flow and creates value-building opportunities. They have locations spanning the U.S. in dense urban and suburban areas. These attributes make their rooftops great locations for carriers as part of their 5G and small cell wireless deployments.

“Carriers continue to need new sites, many of which will be in urban locations. 5G LLC’s role as an infrastructure provider makes us ideally placed to protect Slate Grocery REIT and the carriers. Our innovative solution ensures that we provide the best possible sites to drive and simplify 5G deployment,” said Rick Varnell, EVP, Sales and Strategy at 5G LLC.

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5G LLC is bridging the gap between institutional and corporate owners of commercial real estate portfolios and technology providers including wireless carriers through cutting-edge solutions and services. 5G LLC’s mission is to work closely with the CRE environment and Technology providers to deliver whole digit NOI enhancements, resulting in revenue improvement, cost efficiencies and amenity benefits at no capital expense to the real estate owners. To find out more, visit and follow 5G LLC on LinkedIn.