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7 Sensing Software Joins Qualcomm® Extension Program

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7 Sensing Software announced that it joined the Qualcomm® Extension Program and will immediately start to offer its state-of-the-art audio solutions for wireless earbuds and headsets on the Ultra Low Power, Premium-Tier Qualcomm® QCC5100 Bluetooth SoC family.

Even with the recent advances in true wireless earbud technology, the quality of voice calling and keyword detection can leave some consumers wanting more, especially in noisy environments. Bone conduction sensors, voice accelerometers or in-ear microphones as used for ANC, can help tackle that challenge in combination with 7 Sensing’s Pure Voice software suite.

Pure Voice acoustically blends the signals from multiple sources to make sure your voice will always be crystal-clear, stripped clean from unwanted ambient noise. Your customer will only hear your words, even when you are calling from an open office or busy street corner. Your voice assistant will never miss a beat, even when you are in your car, in a crowded café or outside in the wind.

Pure Voice is available on the Qualcomm QCC5100 series SoCs today, while a second 7 Sensing software solution, Hearing Augmentation, will be available on the same series in December 2020.

7 Sensing Software ( is an independent software vendor that aims to enable technology companies to build new and exciting sensing solutions by providing algorithm IP licensing, software development and integration services. We apply on-device and cloud-based machine learning on multi-modal sensing solutions in the audio, imaging, optical and spectral domains for mobile, wearable, industrial and smart home applications.

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