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7Park Data Acquires Real Factors to Expand Into Commercial Real Estate

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7Park Data, a provider of data transformation software and predictive insights, today announced the acquisition of Real Factors, a data aggregation platform to power decisions for commercial real estate investors, developers, managers, brokers, insurers and service providers. The acquisition allows 7Park Data to serve organizations covering commercial real estate assets, and leverage Real Factors’ data portfolio and domain expertise to create unparalleled insights.

“Joining 7Park Data opens up expansive access to best-in-class technology infrastructure, data transformation software and a diverse collection of datasets to create new value for organizations across the commercial real estate industry,” said Colin George, CEO and co-founder of Real Factors. “Our existing customers will benefit from product development facilitated by 7Park Data’s resources, and we can bring truly differentiated insights about commercial properties, regional markets and fundamentals to a new audience.”

The commercial real estate space is undergoing rapid change as organizations power decision-making with data. The Real Factors platform allows commercial real estate investors, managers and developers, as well as their partners to better understand local and macro markets and create value with a single terminal to consolidate, enrich and analyze vast amounts of proprietary and publicly available data.

“The Real Factors team has been working with us so we can innovate the way we utilize research and data analytics to identify opportunities in the property markets,” said Jeff Stonger, Managing Director at Ascentris. “Now that they are part of 7Park Data, our access to new, unique predictive insights and analytics will further enhance how we implement and execute our investment strategy.”

“The Real Factors team shares our core belief that organizing, transforming and analyzing data will help businesses make better decisions,” said Brian Lichtenberger, CEO and co-founder of 7Park Data. “We’re excited to have this opportunity to serve a new customer base, as well as expand our portfolio of datasets and predictive analytics by leveraging Real Factors’ collection of payroll, permits and location data alongside their deep domain expertise in the commercial real estate market.”

Real Factors was founded in 2017 in New York City. Their full staff will join 7Park Data today as 7Park Data CRE, and will continue serving their existing customers.

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7Park Data was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in New York City. In December 2018, 7Park Data was acquired by Vista Equity Partners.