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7Park Data Launches Data Preparation Platform

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7Park Data, a provider of data transformation software and predictive insights, today announced the launch of its data preparation platform, which accelerates organizations’ ability to derive more strategic value, operational efficiency and effectiveness from their data. With the 7Park Data platform, enterprises can transform messy, raw inputs into clean, high-quality data, for a more informed decision-making process.

“Businesses know that they must harness their own data to compete and succeed, although most are only able to use around one percent of the data they have in their own walls,” said Brian Lichtenberger, CEO and co-founder of 7Park Data. “When we built our first datasets in 2012, we had many of the same challenges that companies face today — data is unorganized, incomplete and full of duplicates, and existing solutions lack the flexibility, speed and accuracy required to be truly effective. We’re excited to bring our platform to other companies so they can unlock the potential of their own data assets.”

Keeping client data secure and safe is paramount, and 7Park’s platform strictly adheres to privacy and safety best practices, connecting to an organization’s own data store, processing data in secure containers, and compliant with international and industry-specific regulations, including GDPR. In addition to these protections, customers benefit from a seamless onboarding process that accommodates multiple data formats to identify, link and organize custom entities with minimal ramp-up time.

Powered by machine learning models trained for more than seven years on proprietary data sets, the platform creates high-quality, decision-ready data with three key solutions:

Data Deduplication and Matching: Clean, enrich and link data across databases. Customers rely on the platform’s accuracy with an F1 score greater than 90% on its matching and linking algorithms, and its natural language processing models are 3x more accurate than Amazon Comprehend and other leading self-service data prep tools. With better quality data, enterprises can:

  • Improve operational efficiencies by linking and resolving entities across databases and establish consistent taxonomies;
  • Optimize compliance and risk management by resolving data inaccuracies and automating alerts;
  • Build customer 360 profiles to foster better experiences, services and products.

Intelligent Document Processing: Automate document processing of unstructured data to reduce manual labor on repetitive tasks, resulting in lower associated overhead cost and improved operational efficiencies.

Insight Engine: Boosts research and analytics productivity by reducing time that analysts, data scientists, and anyone who relies on accessible data spend on search and discovery, and increase the quantity and quality of insights.

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About 7Park Data

7Park Data transforms data to revolutionize business decisions. Successful companies around the world depend on 7Park Data to realize data’s potential and guide strategy through data analytics software, insights, and leading performance indicators derived from a diverse data portfolio. Our platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to create decision-ready data from raw unstructured inputs, empowering businesses across sectors to inform internal decisions, deliver insight to customers, and generate high-margin revenue. 7Park Data was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in New York City. In December 2018, 7Park Data was acquired by Vista Equity Partners. For more information, visit