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7Park Data Provides the First Clear View into the Cloud Infrastructure Market

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7Park Data, a provider of data transformation software and predictive insights, today announced the immediate availability of its new Cloud Infrastructure Spend dataset that tracks purchases and utilization across the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure cloud computing ecosystems by Fortune 500 companies. 7Park Data is unique in its ability to provide clients with this unprecedented level of data granularity that will enable them to discover what’s driving the rapid growth of the cloud infrastructure market.

Cloud computing is a very lucrative business for providers, their partners and vendors of supporting services and products. However, activity in this sector is hard to track, as Amazon, Google and Microsoft – the world’s three largest providers based on market share – typically do not provide breakdowns of revenue growth. Industry analyst firms rely on end-user surveys to inform their market analysis and predictions, but these methodologies lack the granularity and timeliness required to accurately track software spend and usage, especially in today’s unprecedented business climate.

7Park Data’s Cloud Infrastructure dataset includes detailed spend and utilization information updated weekly. The data can be broken down by a wide range of very specific variables, including the cloud products or services customers are using (e.g., AWS EC2, AWS S3), reserved vs. on-demand spend (i.e., pre-paid vs. pay-as-you-go), instance type, region of compute, and which customer sector.

“The release of the Cloud Infrastructure dataset signals the end of investors, analysts and Enterprise IT software providers having to rely on vague company guidance and outdated qualitative and anecdotal data to understand product adoption, pricing, and market share shifts,” said Brian Lichtenberger, co-founder and CEO, 7Park Data. “We provide our customers with full visibility into what’s driving cloud revenue growth for the market’s biggest players, with the accuracy and timeliness required to track activity during a period of extreme volatility, and changes in individual and company behavior that directly impact the cloud space.”

7Park Data customers can conduct their own proprietary research into the drivers of revenue growth, gain an understanding of how different industries are consuming cloud products and services, track the adoption rates of new services as they’re launched, and analyze market trends to determine how demand for specific products and services may change over the short- and long-term, and how that impacts pricing.

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