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90% Smaller! WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Takes Video Compression to a New Level, with Quality Unaffected

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Digiarty updates its industry-first kernel built into WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, which can dramatically reduce the size of 4K UHD videos by 90% speedily with stunning quality. The critical update includes optimized compression kernel, unique hardware acceleration technology, and High-Quality Engine, making the program even more performance-oriented video compression tool.

An uncompressed 4K file size is huge. For example, a GoPro will use about 26GB to record an hour of 4K video at 30fps, an iPhone XS will require about 23GB to shoot an hour of 4K HEVC video at 60fps. Large 4K videos can lead to problems like slow upload speed, choppy playback errors, to name a few. Considering the importance of data compression in the 4K era, Digiarty brings the world a more powerful compression kernel into WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe to further expand the ability to address users’ needs for 4K video compression.

The kernel update brings the highest level of 4K video compression performance (up to 90% file size reduction, 6x faster speed), without compromising quality. Technically, the delicate size, quality, and speed tradeoff owes to 3 unique technologies:

• Overhauled compression kernel. The rebuilt compression kernel makes full use of inter prediction, intra prediction, I-P-B frames, entropy and hybrid encoding for more efficient compression. The advanced motion vector prediction and sample adaptive offset are applied to ensure good image reconstruction, in such a way to compress 4K video with no distortion. A 10s 4K video (H.264) that takes up 16GB can be compressed to 8MB clip (HEVC).

• Hybrid design of High-Quality Engine and De-interlacing tech: Users working with video reduction will no longer have to compromise quality. The well-built quality engines, e.g. adaptive residual preprocessing, CIELAB transformer, etc, along with seamless HEVC transcoding support, make WinX strike an excellent balance between quality and size. Now the quality of content compressed by WinX is 98% identical to the original, which is based on our 4K video compression ratio and quality test.

Unique Level-3 Hardware Acceleration: Now 4K video compression speed gets a huge boost with the latest version. Compared with software-based compression, Level-3 hardware acceleration delivers 6x faster 4K video compression speed with a minimum of 10% CPU usage.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is an industry-leading video toolbox that offers an easier and faster way to convert and edit videos. It supports all types of formats, including HEVC, MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, etc, and is preloaded with 420+ profiles for iPhone, iPad, Android, HDTV, Xbox, TVs, and more. There are bonus editing features and parameters adjustment for video enhancement, like trimming, cropping, cutting, adding subtitles, changing video resolution/bitrate, frame rate, etc.

Pricing and Availability

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is compatible with Windows 10 (32 bit & 64 bit) and lower. Priced at $45.95, a full license is now 30% off at $29.95. Users can get a free license by submitting a valid email address on

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