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A Bright Future for Finance — Tipalti Generates 597% More Leads with Hushly, Achieves ROI of 400%

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Hushly, the leading content engagement & lead conversion platform powered by AI, announced today a case study with Tipalti.

“We were looking to drive conversions and capture additional quality leads,” said Brett Greenbaum, Senior Inbound Marketing Manager at Tipalti. “Especially those earlier in the funnel not necessarily ready for a demo of our product.”

Customer Highlights:



Value Created:

– High growth platform

– 597% Increase in conversions

– Hit a plateau with A/B testing

– 2,100% Lift in content engagement

– High form abandonment rate

– 79% Lift in lead quality

– Low lead quality

– Boosted conversions through mobile and paid search

Hushly’s simple abandonment solution allowed Tipalti to capture and convert high quality leads that would’ve otherwise abandoned their site. Visitors not yet ready to fill out a form would either abandon Tipalti’s site or provide false information to gain access to an asset, polluting Tipalti’s lead database with fake emails and personal email addresses. “Before Hushly, lead quality was definitely an issue,” said Greenbaum. “This was frustrating and time-consuming for our sales team.”

Tipalti moves to no forms strategy: When these early-funnel visitors were sent to Hushly’s self-nurturing landing page instead of a Marketo form page, Tipalti saw a dramatic 597% increase in conversions and a 2100% lift in content engagement. This reinforced the idea that form landing pages were not working and using a more modern landing page with personalization was the right decision.

“Hushly helps us create a unique user experience,” said Greenbaum. “By allowing visitors to engage with our content, we can better address their pain points and demonstrate our value.”

“Hushly’s performance-based pricing model is really attractive,” said Greenbaum. “The platform itself is free and our fees are correlated with the results that we get.”

Click here to read Hushly’s complete case study on Tipalti.

About Hushly:

Hushly’s content engagement and conversion platform delivers an all in-one solution for b2b marketers. This unique software solution consists of content engagement, lead conversion, and the lead enrichment layer. Our software enhances the user experience and gives marketers the ability to personalize the web visitor’s abandonment, mobile, or ungated content experiences across multiple dimensions using any combination of AI based models, rules based, and 3rd party integrations. Hushly’s all in one marketing platform is delivered as a SaaS solution that integrates with any web or landing page technology – with no programming required. Our unique business model and focus on getting lead conversions means our customers will see an increase in lead lift by 51%; starting day one using Hushly software.