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A.D.A.M.’s Advisory Board Being Joined by the Top Experts to Spearhead Bone Engineering

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A Connecticut-based bone printing startup announced that a former director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Dr. Anthony Tether, and Executive Chairman of Mjalli Investment Group, Dr. Adnan M. Mjalli, joined the advisory board as Chief Medical and Chief Development Advisor respectively. The partnership is intended to further A.D.A.M.’s footprint in cutting-edge healthcare technology and foster rapid commercialization of 3D-printing of biological osseous structures in hospitals on demand.

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Top experts join A.D.A.M.’s advisory board taking the development process to a new level (Graphic: Business Wire)

Top experts join A.D.A.M.’s advisory board taking the development process to a new level (Graphic: Business Wire)

Dr. Anthony Tether will advise A.D.A.M. leadership on innovative research techniques in tissue and bone engineering to unleash the full potential of the technology for the healthcare industry. He believes that A.D.A.M.’s unique approach will allow them to fulfill an unmet need for complex artificial tissues, including biological osseous structures. “Escalating worldwide cases require that we take regenerative medicine to a new level” — explains Dr. Anthony Tether.

As Chief Development Advisor and an internationally recognized entrepreneur in the biotech industry, Dr. Adnan Mjalli will share his in-depth knowledge of life-science business growth and assist the company’s expansion into other markets and assist the company in all upcoming business decisions. He has also become a project’s lead investor in the recently announced investment round for A.D.A.M. “The fact that FDA responded positively regarding A.D.A.M.’s 510(k) eligibility brings substantial acceleration in the core product’s go-to-market process,” Mjalli explained. “The company’s technology provides a possibility to disrupt existing healthcare models and be beneficial for all stakeholders.”

A.D.A.M.’s management believes that this new collaboration will help deliver the product of immense strategic importance to society. “Saving lives and improving the quality of life for patients remains a priority for us. And with this advisory board we are closer to fulfilling this mission than we have ever been,” said Denys Gurak, CEO at A.D.A.M.

About A.D.A.M.

A.D.A.M. is a Connecticut-based bio-printing startup that is pivoting the production of customized bone transplants made of ceramic bio-glass and modified biopolymer. With materials at its essence, A.D.A.M.’s solutions enable the fusing of an implant with a skeleton. As a natural bone is being healed, the degradable materials are slowly disappearing without the need for any additional surgical intervention. Starting with bone printing, A.D.A.M. is planning to launch a platform that will allow people to create their digital atlases, download them, and get their tissues and bones printed in hospitals at an affordable price.