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Abacus Insights Appoints Navdeep Alam Chief Technology Officer

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Abacus Insights, a leading data integration and interoperability platform that enables health plans and their providers to create a more personalized healthcare experience for consumers, today announced the appointment of Navdeep Alam as chief technology officer (CTO).

“Abacus Insights has been growing at a rapid pace. The addition of Navdeep Alam as CTO, with his extensive experience in big data and healthcare, will enable us to better support our clients as we expand,” said Dr. Minal Patel, founder and CEO of Abacus Insights. “Navdeep is a seasoned technologist and global team leader, and he has specific expertise building and scaling some of the largest healthcare data warehouses in the world. This will serve our clients well as we work to unlock the value of their data and create solutions that improve healthcare outcomes.”

As CTO, Alam will oversee the technical development of the Abacus platform, including the ability to further scale the architecture, data management, interoperability, analytics and secure cloud computing.

“Abacus Insights is taking on one of the biggest challenges in healthcare directly. Payer data is one of the most exciting assets in healthcare. The value that can be gained by bringing together all of the different types of data that payers have access to presents a great opportunity,” Alam said. “Health plans capture where people start and end their healthcare journey, and that means payer data is rich, powerful, and complex. By unlocking payer data, we have a huge opportunity to directly improve healthcare outcomes and reduce cost.”

Alam brings over 20 years of experience architecting with large data repositories, including extensive experience building next-gen cloud analytical systems for healthcare, telecommunications and social media enterprises. He was senior director of global data warehousing at IQVIA, where he was responsible for managing global teams of technologists, driving interoperability, and architecting hybrid, multi-cloud healthcare data platforms. Alam has also held senior roles at Empirix and Mzinga, scaling data platforms and leading development of predictive analytics solutions.

“Having the ability to work on something that has such a direct impact on people, especially the people you know and love, is a big part of why I am so excited to join Abacus Insights,” Alam said.

About Abacus Insights

Abacus Insights enables health plans to offer a seamless, personalized care experience for members by reconciling thousands of unique attributes about individual consumers and their health that legacy systems simply cannot. Today, Abacus Insights with its health plan clients manage data for more than 10 million members and 15 million consumers. We allow health plans to fulfill a critical role in ensuring that when a member visits the doctor’s office, lab, pharmacy, specialist, hospital and even at home — the care provider always knows who they are, creating an “n-of-1” experience for all. For more information, please visit, LinkedIn, or Twitter @abacusinsights.