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abeo Acquires Computer-Assisted Coding Platform, Trusted i10, LLC

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abeo, a leader in physician-focused billing and practice management solutions, has acquired Trusted i10, a computer-assisted Evaluation and Management (E&M) coding assignment application. This acquisition allows abeo to expand its service and software offerings focused on helping their clients create value and thrive. Trusted i10 provides advanced technology that uses artificial intelligence to help health providers increase their accuracy and compliance with defensible documentation for E&M level assignments.

The Trusted i10 application, i10id, is automated and customizable. The platform allows providers and payors to convert abundant amounts of medical record data from EMRs into actionable information. The conversion, using natural language processing (NLP) to read the unstructured data, provides accurate, compliant, and defensible documentation and E&M assignment. The support documentation reduces compliance issues, while reporting and analytics capabilities can be used to identify necessary user and support staff education and training.

In announcing the acquisition, Michael O’Boyle, CEO of abeo, stated: “It is a pleasure to welcome Joe Ferro and his team to the abeo family. We look forward to integrating this next-generation technology into our expanding set of solutions focused on improving documentation and payment.”

Learn more about the EMR integration for the Trusted i10 application by visiting their website.

About abeo

abeo Management Corporation (abeo) serves as a leading source of revenue cycle management and practice management for hospital-based specialties, originating from deep-rooted experience within Anesthesiology. The company provides independent practices, hospitals, and healthcare systems with physician-focused business solutions which solve challenges that stem from an evolving healthcare environment. abeo strives to be one step ahead in the industry by knowing where innovation and challenges converge to create value.

About Trusted i10

Trusted i10, LLC, now a division of abeo Technology Solutions, LLC, builds next-generation technology that solves a pervasive problem created by today’s healthcare systems – data overload. Having a robust set of medical records data simply does no good if there isn’t a way to cull actionable intelligence from it. Using Trusted i10’s cloud-based artificial intelligence-enhanced platform, healthcare stakeholders can process abundant amounts of disparate data and convert it into concise, actionable information.