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ABI Research’s Hot Tech Innovators Report: Atmosic, InnoPhase, and Wiliot Among the Key Young Companies Solving Major Wireless Connectivity Challenges

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ABI Research, a global tech market advisory firm, has identified
10 key companies innovating in the wireless connectivity landscape and
helping to address key challenges that the wireless industry is facing

“To differentiate from the competition, connectivity start-ups and
solution providers are beginning to innovate in a number of different
ways. These include reductions in power consumption, range enhancements,
investment in emerging audio and light communications technologies,
passive IC technologies, closer integration with location technologies,
wireless power innovations, and delivering more scalable platforms that
better meet the requirements of larger scale wireless connectivity
deployments across a number of IoT verticals,” said Andrew Zignani,
Senior Analyst at ABI Research.

“One of the major challenges of the IoT has remained that of power
consumption and the need for battery replacement or recharging,
particularly within commercial or industrial applications such as
building automation, RTLS deployments, or wireless sensor networks.
Companies such as Atmosic, InnoPhase, and Wiliot are driving innovation
in power consumption at the IC level, allowing a wide variety of
connected devices to stay powered for longer, and even enable
battery-free and energy harvesting usage scenarios. Alongside this,
embedded wireless power over distance solution providers such as Ossia
have the potential to enable battery-powered devices to be placed more
flexibly, send data on a more regular basis, and have longer lifespans,”
adds Zignani.

Other companies are also innovating with non-conventional connectivity
solutions. Chirp’s audio-based networking solution allows devices
equipped with speakers and microphones to communicate with one another
without the need for a separate dedicated wireless communications
chipset, allowing simple provisioning for IoT devices. Meanwhile,
PureLiFi is continuing to develop LiFi technology and miniaturize it to
ensure it can be integrated within mobile and computing devices soon,
while DecaWave’s Ultra-Wide Band solutions provide reliable centimeter
level location accuracy for location services.

Addressing some of the scalability headaches of short-range wireless
connectivity technologies, Cassia Networks offer long-range Bluetooth
solutions for IoT applications, while Wirepas’ decentralized mesh
networking solution is helping to address key scalability and
interoperability challenges in larger scale wireless deployments such as
smart metering, commercial indoor and outdoor lighting, asset
management, and wireless sensor network deployments. Mist Systems, now
set to be acquired by Juniper Networks, combines advanced enterprise
Wi-Fi performance with scalable location services via their innovative
virtual BLE beacons.

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