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Absolute Delivers New Platform Capabilities to Help Enterprises Meet Complex Compliance Requirements and Enable Autonomous, Self-Healing Endpoints

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Absolute® (ABT.TO), the leader in Endpoint Resilience™ solutions, today announced new platform capabilities enabling IT and Security teams to automatically generate and distribute scheduled reports to ensure compliance across the enterprise; easily monitor, manage, and secure missing endpoint devices at scale; and understand if critical endpoint controls are healthy and working effectively.

As the world continues to face uncertainty around how and where employees will work and how and where students will learn, Absolute is augmenting IT and Security teams with solutions to strengthen their security posture and improve endpoint compliance. Leveraging its patented Persistence® technology and unique firmware-embedded position, Absolute enables an undeletable digital tether capable of delivering complete visibility and control over all devices and providing the single-source-of-truth endpoint intelligence needed to automate tedious reporting processes and help ensure complex compliance requirements are being met.

“With employees working from anywhere in unprecedented numbers, the future of work will continue to be remote in some way, shape or form – and enterprises need to prioritize IT and Security investments in the near term,” said Ameer Karim, Executive Vice President, Product Management at Absolute. “The most effective and sustainable security strategies will prioritize the resilience of both a distributed workforce and often under-resourced IT and Security teams, who have been shouldering much of the heavy load that has come with the rapid, seismic shift to remote work.”

Additional enterprise capabilities recently added to the Absolute platform include:

  • The ability to Instantly monitor any number of missing devices: A single-step, one-click upload enables IT to flag any number of devices as missing, as well as generate real-time email alerts and take immediate action if any of those devices connect to the internet.
  • The ability to track and fine-tune the execution of custom workflows and remedial actions: Absolute’s new Action History allows IT and Security professionals to track the status of query and remediation scripts across large groups of devices from a single monitoring center – allowing them to confirm the successful execution of a script or a device wipe request, and fine-tune, relaunch or cancel remedial actions if needed.

Absolute also continues to expand its library of autonomous, self-healing applications powered by Absolute’s Application Persistence™ service, adding support for updated versions of VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ and McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator®. Absolute customers can proactively monitor the health of more than 40 of the world’s leading endpoint controls, ensuring they remain healthy, undeletable, and able to self-heal if they are detected to be failing, missing, or tampered with.

To learn more about Absolute’s latest platform enhancements, visit here. To learn more about how Absolute’s undeletable digital tether enables always-connected visibility and Self-Healing Endpoint® security, visit

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Absolute is the leader in Endpoint Resilience solutions and the industry’s only undeletable defense platform, embedded in over a half-billion devices. Enabling a permanent digital tether between the endpoint and the enterprise who distributed it, Absolute provides IT and Security organizations with complete connectivity, visibility, and control, whether a device is on or off the corporate network, and empowers them with Self-Healing Endpoint® security to ensure mission-critical apps remain healthy and deliver intended value. For the latest information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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