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Accelerate Learning Introduces STEMscopes School Success, A Customizable STEM Professional Learning Solution for K-12 Districts

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The most important strategy schools can implement to significantly increase student learning in STEM is to improve the quality of instruction. Accelerate Learning today announces a highly effective, customizable STEM professional learning solution for K-12 educators called STEMscopes™ School Success.

STEMscopes School Success creates custom-tailored plans for STEM excellence based on the strengths and weaknesses within each district or school. The six-step system for school success is designed to meet the needs of schools at all levels of STEM practice, including those that need improvement or seek to reach new heights, have a large population of new teachers, have or are considering STEM-designated campuses, or that employ STEM instructional coaches.

The STEMscopes School Success team works with each district or school to assess, identify, and analyze their strengths and weaknesses for each of the eight science and engineering practices identified in the NRC Framework. The team then carefully designs hands-on professional learning sessions that provide educators with opportunities to practice these skills and transfer their learning directly into the classroom.

In addition, best practices trainings can be used to enhance instructional approaches unique to STEM. From understanding 3D learning to integrating technology in the classroom, these practices form the cornerstone of the STEM classroom. The trainings are provided in a variety of formats — face-to-face, self-paced online, recorded webinar, and live webinars — to suit teacher schedules and needs.

“Students flourish when teachers deeply understand the content, best teaching practices, and how best to use available instructional resources in STEM,” said Vernon Johnson, president and CEO of Accelerate Learning. “STEMscopes School Success meets districts wherever they are on their STEM journey. Our team custom designs professional learning that helps teachers engage students with real STEM work, create positive outcomes, and then sustain that success.”

STEMscopes School Success is available to K-12 districts and schools across the United States. For more information, visit

About STEMscopes

STEMscopes, created by Accelerate Learning Inc., is an award-winning, research-based national leader in PreK-12 STEM curriculum. Used by over 5 million students across all 50 states, STEMscopes provides comprehensive digital resources, supplemental print materials, and hands-on exploration kits that drive engagement and academic growth. For more information, visit or call toll-free 800-531-0864.