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AccountMate Enterprise 2020 Releases with Key Selling Price Options

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AccountMate Software Corporation released AccountMate Enterprise 2020 which is its latest version of their latest technology accounting software system. David Dierke, President and CEO of AccountMate, reports that this “AccountMate Enterprise 2020 continues to demonstrate that our ERP system evolves with requested key benefits for clients.”

The Price Control module is the main focus of this software rollout. The functionality builds on what has previously been delivered in the AccountMate SQL product. This AccountMate Enterprise Price Control module comes with multi-tiered pricing structure and also provides functionality for the capability to set minimum selling prices for inventory, customer price groups, variable pricing, current customer price, simultaneously update multi-level price and basic price, and generate pricing control reports.

Another important feature enhancement includes the New Customer Inventory Feature which allows customers to use their own inventory part numbers, descriptions and units-of-measurement when placing orders and when receiving and being billed for product and services with cross-referencing capability. This is a huge efficiency for companies who need this option that might be mandated by their vendors or their own customers.

Acceptance of AccountMate Enterprise as the dynamic newest evolving AccountMate product line is gaining client interest and adoption. This is another example of AccountMate Software’s assurance of a strong future and obvious loyalty of their many thousands of clients.

About AccountMate

Founded in 1984, AccountMate develops and markets fully modifiable business accounting software. Systems range from single user versions to those that support hundreds of users simultaneously. AccountMate software is available for local or cloud installation. It is distributed exclusively through a worldwide channel of authorized solution providers. AccountMate can be reached at (800) 877-8896 or at