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AccountMate Version 11 Releases With New Enhanced Projected Cash Flow Management Capabilities

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AccountMate Software’s President and CEO, David Dierke, announced that an upgraded AccountMate 11 for SQL launched. He said that “the response for the added Projected Cash Flow Management functionality was outstanding. Projected cash flow can help companies of any size more effectively manage and control their cash in making critical business decisions. I am pleased to announce the release of our latest version of AccountMate 11 for SQL which includes this projected cash flow functionality and much more.”

Some of the ‘and much more’ items are the ability to track remnant item’s movement through the manufacturing process, recording of the scrap item quantities and scrap expenses, the Return Merchandise Authorization Module which now supports On-the-Fly Kit items, and additional option to track revenue and to set up revenue codes by both customer and inventory.

These features and others are highly-requested enhancements that are introduced in AccountMate 11 for SQL and AccountMate 11 for Express. The majority of these enhancements were a direct result of suggestions from our AccountMate Solution Providers and their clients.

The AccountMate ERP software system includes over twenty modules that can be purchased separately. This leaves the choice up to the clients as to whether or not they need all of the functionality offered by AccountMate. Donna DeRosa, Vice President of Marketing, says ‘with both the ability to buy only the modules companies need and the option for them to request additional customization, it totally leaves the business analysis and budgeting responsibilities in the hands of our clients’ management.”

The release of AccountMate 11 for SQL is an ongoing effort on the part of AccountMate to include features that aim to assist clients in gaining additional efficiencies and functionality. It also demonstrates AccountMate’s consistent effort that is necessary to keep loyal customers.

About AccountMate

Founded in 1984, AccountMate develops and markets fully modifiable business accounting software. Systems range from single user versions to those that support hundreds of users simultaneously. AccountMate software is available for local or cloud installation. It is distributed exclusively through a worldwide channel of authorized solution providers. AccountMate can be reached at (800) 877-8896 or at