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Achronix Chooses Rambus GDDR6 PHY IP for Next-Generation FPGA

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 (NASDAQ: RMBS) today announced that Achronix
Semiconductor Corporation
, a leader in FPGA-based hardware data
acceleration devices and high-performance eFGPA IP, has selected the Rambus
for its next-generation Speedster7t
FPGA family
. Leveraging the top-end data rates delivered by the
Rambus GDDR6 memory interface, the Speedster7t family is optimized for
artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and high-bandwidth
data acceleration applications and workloads.

Designed for performance and power efficiency, the Rambus GDDR6 PHY is
beneficial for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), AI, ML,
graphics and networking applications. Rambus’ GDDR6 PHY enables the
communication to and from high-speed, high-bandwidth GDDR6 SDRAM memory,
which is a high-performance memory solution that can be used in a
variety of applications that require large amounts of data computation.

“GDDR6 is emerging as a mainstream memory solution for high-performance
AI/ML and networking applications, and, in utilizing Rambus’ GDDR6 PHY
IP, Achronix is an early leader in adopting the technology to
differentiate its next generation of products,” said Hemant Dhulla, vice
president and general manager of IP Cores at Rambus. “We are excited to
be working with Achronix to expand its portfolio of high-performance
FPGA solutions, including its latest Speedster 7t family.”

The Rambus GDDR6 PHY is the fastest memory IP on the market, at 16 Gbps.
Leveraging its strong signal integrity and system design expertise,
Rambus worked closely with Achronix on their package design, to support
the eight GDDR6 IP controllers on the first Speedster7t device.
Providing up to 4 Tbps of performance, the new Speedster 7t FPGAs
include a revolutionary new 2D network-on-chip (NoC) and a high-density
array of new machine learning processors (MLP). Merging FPGA
programmability with ASIC routing structures and compute engines, the
Speedster7t family creates a new “FPGA+” class of technology, pushing
the boundaries of high-performance compute acceleration.

“New use cases for GDDR6 such as AI/ML require extremely fast data
transfer between memory and compute,” said Steve Mensor, vice president
of marketing, Achronix. “Rambus’ GDDR6 PHY IP will enable Achronix’
Speedster7t FPGA family to support these high-performance data
acceleration applications at a low cost with low latency, allowing it to
process complex data loads quickly and efficiently.”

For more information on our latest Rambus GDDR6 high speed memory
offerings, please visit
Or, visit Achronix in Booth 861 at the Design
Automation Conference (DAC)
in Las Vegas, NV from June 2 – 6, 2019
to learn more.

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