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Acivilate and Golden Health Initiative Partner to Serve and Expand Healthy Communities Collaborative

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Today Acivilate and Golden Health Initiative announce their partnership to serve and expand the Healthy Communities Collaborative to help healthcare providers, community services providers, lifestyle coaches and high-risk patients work together and communicate – safely and in real-time – during the COVID pandemic and beyond.

The Healthy Communities model is designed to increase delivery of clinical care and dispel health inequities among patients with Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance, including rural, tribal and communities of color, and can be replicated in other communities. The model allows patients to enter the community healthcare network no matter where they show up – the No Wrong Door model. Patients are connected with a primary care physician and a coach for health screening, clinical adherence and coaching as a trusted advisor.

A recent Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Accountable Health Communities report1 found that only 14% of high risk beneficiaries actually got their needs met. The Collaborative is focused on ensuring vulnerable people have access to housing, income, behavioral health care, and other social determinants that account for over half of health outcomes.

“The Healthy Communities Collaborative approach addresses the greatest challenges of providing care to high risk populations,” said Lance Donkerbrook, CEO of Commonwealth Primary Care ACO, LLC of Tempe, AZ, where the model is debuting. “When clinical services are coupled with the active management of the social determinants of health, and pro-social relationships are established with trusted community members, patients exhibit better adherence. Healthcare systems such as Commonwealth can expect to see substantial financial improvements even as outcomes improve.“

“Golden Health is delighted to provide technology-enabled specialty diabetes and other clinical services to augment those offered in doctors’ offices. By integrating proven and innovative remote patient monitoring technology from Diasyst and VitalTech with the Pokket platform and telehealth appointments, the program will reduce emergency department visits and hospitalizations,” said Richard Golden, CEO, Golden Health Initiative of Tempe, AZ. “This will ensure better care of patients and provide stabilizing revenue streams for the doctors dedicated to serving this neglected population.”

Acivilate’s easy-to-use web application, Pokket, is a secure platform that allows healthcare providers, human services agencies, community partners and patients to connect easily and in real time with video and messaging. Pokket allows all partners to work with the patient on a personalized plan to build a healthier life and keep track of progress.

“The Pokket collaborative care platform makes it easy and safe for all partners to work together to serve an individual. Most importantly, Pokket empowers the patient by giving them access to their own plan, and helps them stay on top of everything they need to do to be successful. The help they need is in their Pokket,” said Louise Wasilewski, CEO, Acivilate, Inc. of Atlanta, GA.

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ABOUT Golden Health Initiative

Golden Health Initiative (GHI) is a clinical services company that focuses on chronic care management for rural and urban poor communities that are underserved. GHI creates new service lines for primary care physicians that stabilize the practice by improving outcomes. These programs are impactful, allowing for more engagement and personally focused treatment plans for the patients.

ABOUT Acivilate

Acivilate’s Pokket SM web-based mobile-first application platform connects vulnerable people with the government agencies and community-based organizations that serve them. Pokket Transforms Second Chances connects by supporting justice agencies in reducing recidivism through information-sharing, human service coordination and re-entry planning, along with empowering justice-involved individuals to transition towards self-sufficiency, Acivilate Transforms Second Chances by breaking the cycle of re-incarceration. Other vulnerable populations undergoing major life transitions such as homeless individuals, domestic violence survivors, parents involved in the child welfare system, and veterans experience similar challenges, and can also benefit from similar support. For community-based organizations, Pokket manages the referral process and coordination of clinical services and social determinants of health to ensure all the individual’s needs are met, and everyone, including the client, is on the same page. Acivilate is a Delaware C Corporation headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

1 Accountable Health Communities Evaluation of Performance Years 1–3 (2017–2020) Findings at a Glance, December 2020,