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ACQ5 Announces ProStar Geocorp as Winner of Three Global ACQ5 Awards

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ACQ5 Magazine has recognized ProStar Geocorp with three major ACQ5 awards for 2019. ACQ5 Global Awards honor firms and individuals whose activities set the standard for the global markets.

“Being recognized by ACQ5 with multiple awards for 2019 is a great honor,” said Page Tucker, CEO. “Anytime our company is recognized is rewarding and to get global recognition means that much more.”

ProStar won Growth Technology Company of the Year for its Geospatial Software Development, Technology Company of the Year and Game Changer of the Year. ProStar is also the featured cover story for the latest publication of ACQ5 Magazine honoring the global winners. Read full article: ProStar Publications

“Experts whose intimate knowledge and expertise in the corporate, cultural, financial and legal arenas are redefining our industry,” says Jake Robson, Group Editor of The ACQ5. “The 2019 ACQ5 Global Award winners represent the best of breed in all industry sectors and have earned these honors by standing out in a group of very impressive finalists.” The nature of the industry is changing, and this year we have made fundamental changes to the categories in our ACQ5 Global Awards to reflect this. Mr. Robson went on to say, “The main purposes of these changes are to focus on organizations and individuals that can demonstrate an ability to deliver services and skills to meet clients’ needs and adapt to market and regulatory conditions. We also consider candidates that may not always be global in scale, but are truly world class in the way they are run and in the services they deliver to clients.”

About ACQ5

The ACQ5 Global Awards, launched in 2005, were the first of their kind in the global legal / financial publishing industry. ACQ5 Global Awards decisions are firmly based on peer nominations following the receipt of detailed submissions from market participants and extensive year-round research into the markets in all global region. ACQ5 Global Awards cover global categories, best-in-class awards in all regions in over 100 countries around the world. ACQ5

About ProStar Geocorp

ProStar is a world leader in developing Precision Mapping Solutions™ that provide unprecedented geospatial intelligence, location precision and transparency. ProStar’s flagship solutions are Transparent Earth® and PointMan®, natively Cloud and Mobile solutions offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). ProStar’s Solutions are designed to improve the construction, maintenance and repair of underground infrastructure and to better protect the worker, the public and the environment.