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Acquia Acquires Mautic to Deliver First-Ever Open Marketing Cloud

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the open source digital experience company, announced today that it has
acquired Mautic,
creator of the world’s only open marketing automation and campaign
management platform. Together, Acquia and Mautic form the only open
alternative to expensive, closed, stagnant marketing clouds, expanding
Acquia’s vision to offer the industry’s first Open Digital Experience
Platform. Customers can now automate, personalize, and measure the
entire customer lifecycle – across every channel, at every stage, and at
every interaction.

“In today’s world, brands need to engage with their customers in a
unified and intelligent way,” said Dries Buytaert, Acquia co-founder,
CTO, and chairman. “The addition of Mautic helps us support brands on
this mission, while also pushing us towards our vision of building the
Open Digital Experience Platform. With this acquisition, we are
combining open source content management with open source marketing
automation. Just as Drupal disrupted web content management, we believe
Mautic disrupts the marketing automation world with open source,
providing our customers faster innovation, more agility, more
flexibility, and better integrations.”

The addition of Mautic’s marketing automation and campaign management
capabilities to Acquia’s broader Digital Experience Platform will drive
seamless, one-to-one customer experiences across any digital channel,
whether it’s on the web, email, SMS, push notifications, social media,
or emerging channels like voice. Mautic has more than 100 martech
integrations out-of-the-box and well-documented API libraries for
integrations with virtually anything else. Built on two thriving and
well-respected open source communities, and,
Acquia’s Digital Experience Platform lays the foundation for
next-generation experiences.

“Open source is poised to transform marketing in the same way it has
every other function in the enterprise. What Drupal did for the web,
Elastic did for search and MongoDB did for databases, Mautic is doing
for marketing automation,” said DB Hurley, Mautic founder and CTO. “With
more than 250,000 users across 188 countries, Mautic has proven that
marketers want the option to build and deploy digital experiences on
their own terms – and we haven’t even reached the tipping point of
demand. As advancements in AI, voice, and connected devices raise the
bar for customer experience, there is a growing need to innovate at the
edge of customer expectations – one that only open source can satisfy.”

That was the case for global brand experience agency, VMLY&R.
“We chose Acquia as our partner because its open source foundation will
enable us to harness the best, most creative technologies to execute our
vision,” said Jeff Geheb, chief experience officer, VMLY&R. “We believe
strongly in the power of open source to drive experience platforms; to
create the digital experiences of the future, we needed the freedom to
innovate without bounds.”

Recent market activity validates Acquia’s vision for an Open Digital
Experience Platform, as 2018 delivered record open source software
investments and exits. In total, marketing and experience cloud vendors
invested over $8 billion to acquire open source companies, according to
PitchBook — but most have yet to demonstrate a true commitment to the
developer communities they’ve onboarded, or the founding principles of
an open source approach. At the same time, marketing automation
continues to be dominated by legacy products with deep roots in email
marketing. Nearly all have been acquired and have since been buried deep
inside marketing clouds where they’ve seen little innovation.

Acquia believes in the power of an open platform and in harnessing
innovations as they break — from any corner of the digital experience
market, not just those built to serve a single technology provider.
Mautic shares Acquia’s vision for open digital experiences, and with
Acquia and Mautic, companies now have the freedom they need to own their
digital destiny without the constraint of vendor lock-in.

“The future of marketing is open,” said Michael Sullivan, Acquia CEO.
“Only open architectures can easily fuse disparate data and marketing
technologies, creating new avenues of advancement for machine learning
to automate digital experiences at scale. All this will be enabled by
open source developer communities that have shown how they continually
innovate ahead of the market — maximizing marketing investments instead
of rendering them obsolete. Mautic builds on our vision to deliver an
Open Digital Experience Platform for our customers and partners. We’ve
created the only true alternative to the stale marketing clouds that
restrict marketers from the freedom to innovate.”

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