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Acquired Data Solutions and Bytronic Automation Partner to Launch Bytronic USA to Support Green Manufacturing

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Acquired Data Solutions (ADS), a leading-edge technology and engineering solutions provider, partners with Bytronic Automation and launches Bytronic USA to provide green manufacturing solutions to manufacturers looking to reduce their environmental footprint, embrace sustainability, reduce waste and protect the environment. Bytronic Automation in the UK works with Unilever, Amazon, Aston Martin, Anheuser Busch, and Ford to provide green manufacturing solutions.

“We’re so excited to leverage our 20-year relationship with Bytronic Automation to launch Bytronic USA and lead the green manufacturing movement. We’re committed to helping organizations implement environmentally conscious manufacturing processes so that they are more efficient, competitive and profitable,” said Steve Seiden, President of Acquired Data Solutions.

Bytronic USA will offer a manufacturing process to reduce and/or eliminate plastic wrapping use on beverage products by measuring the hot-melt glue applied to cartons products are in so plastic coverings are eliminated and cardboard waste is reduced.

With Bytronic HotSpot™ – a fully integrated quality control system using non-contact thermal imaging technology – hot-melt glue is applied correctly without a manual inspection ensuring cartons are secure while controlling the amount of glue used. A thermal camera detects hot spots created by the glue in conjunction with a high-resolution vision camera determining the position of packaging. Deviations from specifications like missing glue, incorrect quantities and misplaced glue spots are rejected and if necessary, the line is stopped.

HotSpot™ is used by a Bytronic Automation customer who is a popsicle manufacturer to make sure every popsicle pack is correctly glued, folded, sealed and packaged with integrity. Reduction in waste, elimination of product recalls, avoidance of customer complaints and very importantly, prevention of contamination has resulted.

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