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Actiontec Launches Optim Advanced Analytics Software and Services to Enable Service Providers to Proactively Optimize Subscriber Wi-Fi Networks

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CES 2020 – Actiontec Electronics has expanded its award-winning Optim
Managed Service Assurance Platform
, launching a suite of analytics
tools and services that enable service providers to optimize their
customer’s home Wi-Fi networks and broadband experience. Optim
Advanced Analytics
makes it easy and cost-effective for providers to
proactively identify and resolve common problems in the home network
including poor coverage, router configuration issues, and network

“Optim’s Advanced Analytics give service providers the ability to be
proactive in managing their subscribers’ home networks and broadband
experience. By the time a customer calls tech support, they’re already
frustrated and have been struggling with poor Wi-Fi and a poor broadband
experience for too long,” said Brian Henrichs, Chief Business
Development Officer at Actiontec Electronics. “With Optim Advanced
Analytics, it’s easy for providers to proactively identify and resolve
Wi-Fi problems to increase overall customer satisfaction. Optim also
reduces operational costs with more efficient troubleshooting and

The Advanced Analytics Suite provides remote visibility into service
quality across a provider’s service area, enabling them to visualize
trends and proactively identify issues. This powerful, standards-based
platform gathers data from all the core network elements and wireless
access devices across a provider’s deployment, processing vast amounts
of network-level data and presenting it in a flexible, intuitive
interface and reports.

With Optim’s software and services, providers can remotely diagnose and
resolve common issues in the home network that would have traditionally
required a lengthy support call or visit to the customer home. For

  • Wi-Fi coverage issues: Providers can automatically identify
    homes with Wi-Fi dead zones or coverage issues. Armed with this
    information, a provider can proactively recommend a solution, such as
    relocating the router or adding a network extender, to deliver fast
    and robust Wi-Fi everywhere in the home.
  • Router configuration issues: Providers get remote visibility
    into the configuration settings of end devices in subscriber homes, in
    order to identify and remedy configuration issues that may be
    impacting network performance. For example, providers can find 5 GHz
    capable devices that are connecting at the slower and more congested
    2.4 GHz band.
  • Channel interference and congestion issues: Providers can
    remotely identify issues with Wi-Fi channel interference and
    congestion that can degrade airtime efficiency and Wi-Fi performance.
  • Interference from neighboring networks: Providers can remotely
    identify those households that are experiencing possible interference
    from a nearby Wi-Fi network and recommend that the subscriber changes
    the Wi-Fi channel for better performance.

Optim is currently used to optimize Wi-Fi performance in more than five
million households. The hardware agnostic platform is currently running
on a variety of Wi-Fi routers and gateways and works with any of the
leading Wi-Fi radio chipsets including Broadcom, Quantenna, and
Mediatek. This gives providers a single standards-based platform to
optimize Wi-Fi performance across their territory even with a mix of CPE
devices and vendors in subscriber homes. Optim is a fully virtualized
solution that can be hosted by Actiontec or the service provider. For
more information, please visit

About Actiontec Electronics

Take the in-home Internet and WiFi experience to the next level with
Actiontec Electronics. Our groundbreaking Optim Managed Service
Assurance Platform provides a flexible, scalable, and cloud-based
platform that enables service providers to remotely manage, diagnose,
optimize and secure home networks. With Optim, families can enjoy fast,
reliable and safe Internet throughout the connected home, while
providers can increase revenue and improve customer loyalty. Our
award-winning products — including Gigabit Ethernet fiber routers,
high-speed VDSL gateways and home networking solutions — are deployed
by some of the largest telecom carriers in North America. As a minority
owned company, we’re committed to promoting diversity and are actively
pushing a variety of green programs designed to reduce the carbon
footprint of our company and customers. Founded in 1993, Actiontec is
headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, and maintains branch offices in
Colorado Springs, CO; Shanghai, China; and Taipei, Taiwan.

For more information, call 408-752-7700 or visit