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Adaptiva Introduces Fully Integrated CDN for OneSite Cloud

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Adaptiva, a leading, global provider of endpoint management and security solutions for enterprise customers, today announced its new content delivery network (CDN), which has been tightly integrated into OneSite Cloud. This expanded functionality makes OneSite Cloud even more compelling for enterprises that want to accelerate digital transformation by removing excess costs and simplifying content delivery, storage and management. The Adaptiva CDN is included in the OneSite Cloud license at no additional charge so that Adaptiva customers can keep content storage and distribution services all under a single agreement.

“As Adaptiva continues to evolve its product portfolio, we persistently assess and prioritize customer needs, and requests for an Adaptiva CDN were high on the list. Integration of a worldwide CDN represents another engineering feat by the Adaptiva product team,” said Adaptiva CEO and Founder Deepak Kumar. “This further advances our premise that all digital transformation software should come pre-integrated with cloud services, with the resulting elimination of complexity and cost.”

Prior to Adaptiva’s CDN, the process of distributing software content to remote endpoints required setting up a cloud storage account or a CDN with another provider. This can be complex, error prone, and generates additional storage, data transfer and egress charges. The Adaptiva CDN solves this by offering distributed cloud storage for software distribution to remote endpoints without complexity or excess costs.

The Adaptiva CDN comes with 2 TB of data storage per customer and 1GB of data transfer per endpoint per month (shared across all licensed endpoints). This should be ample for most customers as internet peer-to-peer (P2P) dramatically reduces the number of downloads required from the CDN. For customers who need more, the system is designed with no upper limits and can grow as much as the customer needs, with minimal additional expense.

The Future of Content Distribution Has Arrived

Adaptiva’s OneSite Cloud already enabled remote users to receive software and other content updates at unprecedented speed and scale without overwhelming the corporate VPN and WAN/SD-WAN links or compromising network performance — only an internet connection is required. Now, its new storage and CDN capabilities — expertly designed for this single-download, P2P solution — have storage located in 28 geographies across the globe. This allows content to be cached close to end users, wherever they are, and ensures incredibly fast delivery and download times as well as impressive reliability.

Early adopters have implemented the Adaptiva CDN in their test environments and are seeing great success. The simple upgrade process has allowed them to rapidly move to production for pilot testing without any impact on operations.

“In the new normal, where remote workforces are pervasive, enterprise IT environments have to adapt. Adaptiva is further simplifying this process while making remote endpoints much more resilient,” added Kumar. “Adaptiva continues to place the security and integrity of endpoints at the forefront of innovation, which puts enterprises in a much stronger position to move forward with digital transformation.”

The Adaptiva CDN is available now to any OneSite Cloud customer; it is included with the OneSite Cloud license. Find out more at

About Adaptiva

Adaptiva is a leading, global provider of endpoint management and security solutions. The company’s products, including OneSite Cloud, Endpoint Health and Evolve VM, empower enterprises to manage and secure endpoints at unparalleled speed and massive scale using the power of peer-to-peer technology. Leading global Fortune 1000 organizations, including T-Mobile, Nokia, HSBC, Walgreens, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, use Adaptiva products to eliminate the need for a vast IT infrastructure and automate countless endpoint management and security tasks. Learn more at, and follow the company at LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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