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Adirondack Solutions and EasyTransfer Make Housing Payments Easy for Chinese Students Abroad

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Leading university payment platforms, North America’s Adirondack Solutions and China’s EasyTransfer, are joining forces to enable seamless housing payments for Chinese students abroad. Together, the two companies, who specialize respectively in student housing and tuition payments, will ensure that Chinese students will be able to pay for housing using their preferred domestic payment methods during their studies in North America.

EasyTransfer was founded by former international students who wanted to help simplify tuition payments for students worldwide. The company streamlines the payments process by automating paperwork, allowing students to make transactions with their domestic banks in Chinese. By partnering with Adirondack, EasyTransfer will be able to extend these benefits to students making housing payments at Adirondack’s university partners.

“Serving our users across their multitude of needs while studying abroad is imperative to us. Having studied abroad in the U.S. myself, I personally experienced the challenges of navigating the complexities of tuition and housing payments. I founded EasyTransfer to make payments easier for students. We are honored to partner with an industry leader such as Adirondack to extend a wider range of offerings to our users,” said Tony Gao, President of EasyTransfer.

Jason Gross, Adirondack Solutions Vice President of Sales, said, “We’re a relationship company that just happens to sell software. That philosophy is at the heart of everything we do and how we serve the growing family of clients utilizing our student housing, conference service and campus parking solutions.”

Adirondack Solutions was created in 1998 as a joint effort between a seasoned housing professional Randi Schweriner, MS, and David Kritz, a computer applications developer. Adirondack remains best-in-class among college software providers. In addition to student housing payments, Adirondack has expanded into conference organizations, parking operations, and a wide range of student self-service web applications.

EasyTransfer is China’s leading online financial service platform for overseas students. Since 2013, EasyTransfer has helped over 200,000 Chinese students and families pay tuition, school fees and rent abroad. EasyTransfer has formed close strategic partnerships with major payment channels such as UnionPay, Visa, and Mastercard, as well as with mainstream Chinese banks such as China Guangfa Bank, China Everbright Bank, Industrial Bank, China Minsheng Bank and China Merchants Bank.